3 Responses to A Step Forward in the Universal Image Metadata Quest? (A call for a New Container Format)

  1. Delane Wycoff says:

    This makes a lot of sense. I hope camera manufacturers and image application software developers will consider this and recognize the importantance of heeding such a call. Perhaps the next step could be to convene a meeting of company representatives from the “major players” to discuss and propose a standard container format based upon this idea. Or, lacking that, perhaps these ideas for image/metadate container commonality could be developed as a “Request For Comment” (RFC). It would save a lot of “pain” and wasted resources to get this kind of “correct design” incorporated into the world’s future imaging files.

    Thanks, Axel, for this detailed and well-thought-out piece! I learned a lot from reading it.

    Editing note, missing word (“be”): “One readily available and widespread example of a suitable container would the Microsoft Compound File,…” (It appears you intended “…suitable container would be the Microsoft Compound File,…”)

  2. Delane Wycoff says:

    Oops! I went back to the beginning and see that the Metadata Working Group is already addressing these problems so my comment was “uninformed” by lack of noting that detail. I look forward to the fruits of these efforts.

  3. Axel says:

    I guess the MWG is mosty busy to clean up the mess with multiple metatata schemas and redundant and/or deprecated metadata items. Pretty much everyone came up with some metadata scheme, and it’s a huge work to reconciliate everything.

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