FastPictureViewer on the Mac

We often get questions about FastPictureViewer for Mac computers, and while there is no native Mac OS X version of FPV, the program works just fine on Mac hardware, running on Windows 7 64-bit under Parallels Desktop, for example on top of OS X Mountain Lion.

So, while there is no native Mac version of FPV, Mac users can still run our great little program and get all its benefits on their beloved Mac desktops or laptops. As a matter of fact FastPictureViewer is used on Macs at the University of Copenhagen, where it helps med school students learn ananomy:

FastPictureViewer Professional on Mac computers at the University of Copenhagen

FastPictureViewer Professional running on Mac computers at the University of Copenhagen
Photo credits: Mads Jespersen

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2 Responses to FastPictureViewer on the Mac

  1. Robin Lee says:

    To be frank, it kinda defeats the purpose of using FastPictureViewer through virtualisation since there would be a reduction of available computing resources (CPU & RAM) under VM. It would be great if FPV would be available on Mac natively.

  2. Axel says:

    Yes VM’s are never ideal in particular for application making direct use of hardware resources such as the GPU. On the other hand, virtual machines are getting better by the day, and the folks as Uni Copenhagen had great success running FPV Pro on Mac in such an environment. Clearly, native software execution is nearly always better, but FPV is a Windows-only application so if you really need it and only have a Mac, a Windows virtual machine can save the day. I go as far as asserting that the program’s efficiency for its main designated tasks offsets any VM overhead :-)

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