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Sony RAW arw an FastPictureViewer Codec Pack

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:18 pm
by witti99

I have read some posts about Sony arw here in the forum. However, it remains the following question.

I have *.arw files from a NEX-5. This will open without error at maximum resolution. The *.arw files from the a77 open only to 1616x1080. Well yes it can be disabled. The images are then very dark. Why is it creates e.g. Photoshop RAW files depict the full resolution and color correct?

I'm actually looking for a tool which shows me the RAW files. This I would then like for example using the right mouse button Open in Snapseed or Photoshop as RAW. This is imported into Snapseed but only with the JPG 1616x1080. Then I do not need RAW.

Is there a way with Fast Picture Code Sony arw in full resolution and brightness normal to see and open?

Thank you and
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Re: Sony RAW arw an FastPictureViewer Codec Pack

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:33 pm
by Axel
That's the problem with raw: you either get the JPEG preview, which is made by the camera and looks good but is sometimes smaller than the real captured image, or you get the converted raw data which never really looks that good out-of-the-box until you tweak it with the many sliders offered by typical raw converters, ACR, Lightroom, UFRaw and others.

To build thumbnails and preview your images in Explorer for identification purposes, the JPEG preview whathever its size should be more than enough. High-end cameras tends to store a full-resolution preview so this problem does not exists with them.

We are unfamiliar with "Snapseed" and our product probably does not have any effect on it whatsoever.

Re: Sony RAW arw an FastPictureViewer Codec Pack

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:11 am
by witti99

thanks for the info. Unfortunately the problem is the following. Snapseed is a professional manufacturer of the famous Bidbearbeitungsprogramm Niksoftware. Almost without Picture codec can I import into Snapseed no arw files of Sony a77. The Fast Picture codec I can import an image into Snapseed. However, the images can be imported only with 1616x1080 px. Snapseed needs the raw codec operating system. Too bad it Fast Picture codec and the arw not work properly. Arw files with the NEX5 nef and the Nikon D80, the import and the preview works fine.