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Recommended Video Card?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:40 pm
by kei
What is recommended video card to accel. FPV?
I'm using ATI Radeon 2400 HD pro + Catalyst 2008.1201.1504.27008, but some JPG file
is displayed like corrupted.
If nVidia card is better, I will change it.
Thank you.

Re: Recommended Video Card?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:42 am
by Axel
There is no list of tested card / driver versions at this time. I'm starting a new discussion on the forum to that effect, hopefully users will report their experiences.

From user reports and personal experience the NVIDIA cards tends to supports what FPV does just fine. Some ATI users had problems (images larger than 4096 pixels not properly rescaled) that were solved with the Catalyst driver 8.11. Current version seems to be 8.12 but I don't know if the previous one is still available for download.

The easy way out is to turn of GPU acceleration until the issue can be resolved.

Re: Recommended Video Card?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:58 pm
by kei
Thank you for your reply.
Which forum/topic you are discussing about this ?
I had tried nVidia GF9500GT, but I do not feel benefit of hardware accel.
(CPU : E2180 Pentium Dual Core 2GHz)

Thank you!

Re: Recommended Video Card?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:05 am
by Axel
Yes with fast PCIe and fast CPUs the gap between software rendering and hardware accelerated rendering is narrower. The hardware accelerated mode is still quicker, but the software mode is quick enough for most practical purposes.

Hardware acceleration still provides truly instantaneous zoom and pan, along with improved and smoother downscaling quality, without the artefacts (jaggies) that are encountered sometimes in software mode due to the speed vs. quality tradeoff that was made.

I just started a thread in this section where you can post your video cards experiences.