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FPV to deliver the blu-ray generation of GIF

PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:15 am
by MeatFPV

In fooling around with FPV I ended up running a sequence closely timed photographs (JPEGs), and they ran beautifully - like a very high definition GIF.

Now in the past I have made smoother running GIFs with Adobe ImageReady (after compiling [sequencing frames then tweening] in Photoshop) but that has a size limit and GIFs are limited in their colour pallet.

So my question is: Is there any soft out there that will let me sequence / tween my raw JPEGs so I can run them in FPV so essentially I am running something like a GIF but much much better in terms of file size / dimentions / colours because the sequence is of tweened JPEG's :?: A blu-ray version of the old GIF if you like :idea:

Re: FPV to deliver the blu-ray generation of GIF

PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 1:02 am
by Axel
Hmm, FPV as a movie player... why not? The auto-advance mode (aka the poor man's slideshow) let you "play" up to 30 images per second, if the files are not too big and the computer fast enough....

I dont' know if this is of any relevance, but the computer graphic industry used to use the TGA format to store animations rendered frame-by-frame, and we just launched the free FastPictureViewer WIC Codec Pack, which incidentally adds TGA supports to Windows 7, Vista and XPSP3, complete with thumbnail support in Window Explorer... (the Pro version of the viewer is required, though, for raw and external codec support).

If you can render your animation as a sequence of TGA files (something that most animation software will do), it should be possible to play them in the viewer 8-)

Re: FPV to deliver the blu-ray generation of GIF

PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:05 pm
by MeatFPV
Yes! You got it Axel 30fps of high quality images 8-) . I'm only wanting to fool around with short sequences... so preloading too... and the outcome could be* awesome! Could be*..I don't know yet but I like to mess around with things to see what can be achieved! :D

I can get TGA sequences with VirtualDub but that is from an it already exists and is well developed as a means of playback...where as I'm tweening between 2 or 3 or 4 stills to create my own 'image sequence'.

Could you, or anyone else, care to suggest an 'animation package' for producing some sequences that are not GIFs but are JPEGs? I suppose I could use Photoshop/ImageReady directly and delete all but layer #1 and save that image as a JPEG. Then reopen the multilayered parent file, delete all but the layer #2, save that as a JPEG. Reopen the multilayered parent file delete all but layer #3 etc etc but it seems very long winded especially if I want to play with various files to see if anything 'works' and each file has 25 or so layers :!: .