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Virus warning [false alarm - solved]

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:29 am
by bart66
I just launched fastpictureviewer basis edition on my PC and my virus scanner (Avast) gave a virus warning: a trojan horse was found, C:\Program Files\FastPictureViewer\FastPictureViewer.Core.exe, Win32:Bifrose-EBJ [Trj] malware type
What should I do?

Re: virus warning

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:37 am
by Axel
Report it to Avast. This is a false alarm, probably caused by a bug in their latest virus database update. 19 of 20 antivirus scanners at found nothing.

Re: Virus warning [solved]

PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 11:34 pm
by Axel
The issue has been resolved after we opened a support ticket with Avast. Their very latest update does not trigger the alarm anymore.