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Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:35 pm
by Bagger
Its great to be able to open an image in an external editor.

But it would be better if you could open more than one at a time.
Just like the mark for publishing but send to your external editor.

Re: Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:40 pm
by Bagger
Would this be possible to implement ?, or am I missing something and it already can.

Re: Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:14 am
by Axel
There is a limit on the length of the command-line so it would probably not work well with more than a few files.

Re: Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:19 pm
by Bagger
Is this a limitation of FPV then ? As I can drag a whole lot of raw files from a folder into photoshop. (just tried 16 with no problems)
Even so a few would be better than one at a time.

Re: Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:17 pm
by Axel
The program launcher launches and external program and passes it the current image. This is how it is designed to work.

With what you suggest there would be nothing preventing someone to mark 10,000 images then send them to Photoshop, and this is surely not going to work, first because of command-line length limitations (drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer uses a different mechanism), not even mentioning ram exhaustion and computer meltdown that would follow.

I tend not to implement "solutions" that only work sometimes, and don't work some other times for unclear reasons.

If you are only dealing with a few images like 16 then just open them with Ctrl+F1 as you go (assuming Photoshop was configured as the first editor in the program launcher). This will work perfectly fine, even better if you have two monitors and open Photoshop on the second one. If you work on a single monitor you can reduce the size of Photoshop's window so it does not cover the whole screen when popping up as files are sent. Problem solved.

If you typically select many more images for editing, hundreds or even thousands, then it does not make much sense to open them all at once in Photoshop for obvious reasons and you can mark them (using one of several possible ways, including rating or publish mark) then create a batch processing rule that copies (or moves) all the files that you marked to a subfolder in one click. You can then go to that folder with Photoshop and open as many files as you want at once.

Re: Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:20 pm
by Bagger
I understand your concern about opening to many images at once, beyond the capabilities of the PC.
But this is no different to me selecting 10,000 images and "send to" photoshop, as you say the system would probably melt down :)
At least from with in FPV you could set limitations, either hard set or intelligently set by FPV depending on what memory is available.

Ive tried your suggestion with "CTRL F1", it works, but is just far to clunky. clicking backward and forwards constantly I may as well just carry on and do them individually.
I also tried marking them for publishing and export to local storage, which seemed like a good idea to start. With one major problem, it converts all my raw files to jpegs. I've checked the settings "export files exactly as they are on disk ( no processing of any kind) " is checked.
This kind of defeats the whole point of sending them to photoshop. ie to tweak the exposure in ACR.

Re: Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:25 pm
by Axel
I also tried marking them for publishing and export to local storage

That's the spirit! :D

The only "issue", as you found out, is that the (web) publishing feature indeed converts everything non-JPEG to JPEG - what else would you upload to the web or burn customer proof CD's with?

As suggested before, you can use the same P-marks to trigger a batch copy rule built using the File Utilities plug-in. This approach does not suffer from scalability issues, i.e. it will work equally well if you mark 1 file or 1,000. Once the rule is built (it's all point-and-click) you just hit Ctrl+F, make sure said rule is selected and click Apply Now.

That's what the batch file processor was made for, i.e. run repetive tasks in one click. If you are not (yet) familiar with this tool it may be worth spending some time exploring the possibilies (copy marked file being just one of many things it can do).

Re: Mark for post processing

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:08 pm
by Bagger
Thanks . Youre changing the way I was doing things. For the better, I hope :)
The File Utilities Batch Processor Plugin, is a very useful / powerful tool.
I didn't realise you could do so much with it including creating date named folders ( which was another suggestion I asked for a while ago )

I`d like to make another suggestion.
Instead of going into the batch processor, apply now, then close. Could there be a hotkey or a button on the FPV bottom bar to execute all the batch commands.
Only saves a couple of key presses and a mouse click but would make the whole process a whole lot swifter.