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Write metadata directly to DNGs, not .xmp sidecars

PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:27 pm
by jayp

I'm wondering what your thoughts are regarding FPV saving its ratings and labels directly into DNG files rather than creating .xmp sidecar files.

One of the whole reasons I wanted to use DNG files instead of the original camera RAW files from the manufacturer, was the proprietary nature of the latter. I liked that DNG was an open specification and thus allowed me to avoid .xmp sidecar files completely. (I also liked that I could update my jpeg previews.)

Since the .DNG format is an open specification, it should be possible, right? Other programs I use update DNGs directly.

I also noticed that FPV offers writing this metadata directly into jpegs and HD photos.

If you're open to adding this, I would be very grateful. I might also recommend making it an option, as I'm sure some users might prefer using .xmp sidecar files in their workflow.