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Loop through files, having same name (jpg+tif+x3f)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:46 pm
by Arvo
You added X3F support for your wonderful (fast and color managed) program, you released trial-pro - and I catched that I can't use your pro version in a way what I want. Maybe I'm missing some options - in such case I have to apologize.

What is major showstopper for me? Inability to see *all* variations of same picture - jpeg, tiff, x3f. Differently from other raw producers Sigma saves all information (including jpg preview) into x3f file and I usually 'develop' jpeg files directly into same folder; thus I would like possibility to toggle between image.jpg and image.x3f easily. Having sometimes intermediate tiff files, it would be ideal to loop between these files too.

Suggestions #1,2:
Treat such file combinations like multipage gif/tiff images AND depend on master option either cycle through all variants/pages while browsing OR loop between variants/pages using some hotkey (Z for example, although I'd prefer Tab).
Suggestion #3:
Allow reload these variants (or entire folder - would not make difference to me, but probably for other users) with some hotkey (R?). Tracking mode is not usable for this purpose.

And some unrelated suggestions, what are not critical, but at least for me would make program even more appealing. I hope of course that something of this is already available and I've just missed these options :)

Suggestions #4,5:
Allow running of multiple copies of FastPictureViewer, optionally allowing to specify allowed file types from command line. (This is somehow related to #1, because my current workflow includes two viewers, one for x3f files, another for jpeg ones.) To minimize interferences between FPV instances, maximum RAM size and GPU usage (or alternatively just one option to inform FPV that it is not single copy) could be set with command-line options. (For my PCs, GPU option is very slow anyway :))
Suggestion #6:
Allow rotating image.

PS. I'm sorry for my non-native english - if you can't understand something, just ask!

Re: Loop through files, having same name (jpg+tif+x3f)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:04 pm
by Axel
The image stacking is a feature useful for photographers shooting RAW+JPEG, it avoids seeing every image twice. If you edit/saveas in the same folder with the same base name the program sees them a duplicates of the same image (it was designed for that) and stacks them together as a single "photo" for viewing/moving/deleting/renaming. There is currently no way to disable this behavior. FPV does not suit all usage styles, it is optimized for first-pass culling early in the workflow (typically as a first step) where multiple edited copies are not an issue. You can work around this by using a suitable naming convention, for example DSC_0001.x3f, DSC_0001.Work.tif, DSC_0001.Final.jpg, etc.

Running multiple instances of the program is not an option due to the greedy nature of the program regarding resources, including the (scarce) video memory. Multiple instances would compete with each other.

Re: Loop through files, having same name (jpg+tif+x3f)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:44 pm
by Arvo
I can understand your reasoning about image stacking - usually seeing multiple copies of same image is annoying. I can think of technical reasons of not implementing suggested features either; probably your cache is resource-hungry and not very flexible. As a developer myself, I can even understand problems implementing features, based on single potential customer suggestion. Especially when application is currently better than competitors - there's some room needed for future development too :)

What about resource usage - I'm not sure that FPV uses more resources than IrfanView+SigmaPP+Silkypix+CorelPSP together - usual application stack while processing images (in addition to instance of free FPV of course).

But well, these were just suggestions, even not feature requests :)

Re: Loop through files, having same name (jpg+tif+x3f)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:27 am
by Axel
Suggestions are always welcome and, while it's not always practical, possible or sensible to implement everything, be assured that all are considered and weighted carefully.

Several of the product's current features are the direct or indirect result of suggestions that came by email or through this forum.