Adding support for symbolic links

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Adding support for symbolic links

Postby FPVP on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:37 pm

Right now, i can use FPV on folders where i have hard-links that point to the real images.

That allows me to sort, view and cull images that reside in different folders - for examples, rate images in FPV that where created in Novembre 2009 - whereever the images physically lie.

This is already quite fine.

BUT, it would even be more great, when FPV would support symbolic links as well!

This would allow to view, sort, rate and cull images that reside on *different* disks!

For example:

D:\FPV\1.jpg -> C:\Images\DSC_0001.jpg
D:\FPV\2.jpg -> C:\Images\DSC_20401.jpg
D:\FPV\3.jpg -> H:\Images2009\DSC_0001.jpg
D:\FPV\4.jpg -> X:\ImagesOLD\testpic.jpg

I think, the example can help to show what i try to say :)
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