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Copy/Move Function

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:10 am
by Mick Emmett
I've been using FPV for a few days now and have found that I want to move more files than I want to copy. I'm busy working my way through a folder that contains 21,000 images in several subfolders (that's smallish folder, my Parties and events folder contains 44,000 files). Working your way through that many files is time consuming and has to be done in several sessions. It would be a lot easier if when you pressed the alt key it selected "move" and stayed on move until you pressed the alt key again and then it moved back to copy. So far I've moved 2,500 images (and I'm only half way through), that's 2,500 times I've had to press the alt key. I have many more keepers than I have throw aways so my main use is to move; not to copy and it would be great to be able to make move the default function of pressing the scroll wheel and not copy. Or even better (I've just thought of it) would be if you could toggle the wheel between copy/move and move/copy i.e. be able to define whether you want the alt key to toggle between copy/move or move/copy.

Re: Copy/Move Function

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:34 am
by Axel
You can make your task simpler and more efficient by using the batch processor plug-in: instead of moving images one by one you can just mark them, for example using the P key which is a single, direct keystroke and not an Alt+ combination.

At the end of the reviewing session, before quitting the program, you then run a batch processing rule that quickly moves all the P-marked images to the folder of your choice.

The rule would say something like "Where the image was marked for publishing then move it to the XYZ folder."

Alternatively, you can use the XMP rating system and give, say, 5 stars to images you want to move, and make a rule based on XMP rating instead.

The advantage of using the rating system is that the star-rating is stored in the files (or next to them in XMP sidecars, for raw formats) and thus persists across sessions: you can quit the program and your ratings will be right there the next day when you resume your work session.

On the other hand the P marks don't touch the files and don't create sidecars, the flag is held in memory. The flipside is that you must make use of the flag you've set in the current working session, before quitting the program or opening another image folder.

I recommend that you give a good look at the File Utilities plug-in, it was made to automate complex repetitive tasks and can handle the case you describe quite easily. All it takes is a few minutes to learn how to use the plug-in and build your first rule (it's all point-and-click). Check out the tutorial linked below.

Tip: you can use the View Filter feature (F key) to restrict the view to P-marked (or 5-starred) images only. This makes it easy to do a final check of what was selected before running the rule and actually move files around physically. Filtering on transient flags (P marks, or X marks) is instantaneous, just set the filter and click the Next button.

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Re: Copy/Move Function

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:50 am
by Mick Emmett
My idea was to make the process a single handed operation as opposed to having to constantly press a key with your other hand as well as scrolling with the mouse. Scroll to the next picture, decide whether it's a throw away and click the scroll wheel, as I said before I have many more keepers than throw-aways; so it's much better for me to move the throw-aways than to copy the keepers and end up with two folders with nearly all the same shots in them. It would be much better to be able to move in the same manner you can copy i.e. not having to press a key on the keyboard (which in my case means the keyboard can stay tucked away under the desk) even marking the shots to throw away in batch processing still means I have to press a key on the keyboard which means I have to take my eyes off the screen and look at the key board to make sure I'm pressing the correct key. Scroll, scroll, scroll, click the mouse wheel, simple, no need to keep your finger hovering over a key on keyboard all the time 'till your wrist hurts, no need to take your eyes on and off the screen. As you've got it set up for "copy" is great but if like me you really want to "move" files single handed (maybe some people only have one hand) it's a bit of a pain.