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Windows 10 Compatible

In your web browser, click Save, then click Run.
Please do not run the installer directly from the web!
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most digital cameras and DSLRs, sports cams (like GoPro™) and, last but not least, all of the fastest USB 3.x card readers.
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Photo & Video Import Screenshot
FastPictureViewer Professional + Codec Pack in Action: OpenEXR 64bpp screenshot, running on Windows 7
FastPictureViewer Pro with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack in action, displaying a 64bits/pixels OpenEXR HDR image. Picture © 2004 Industrial Light & Magic / LucasFilm.
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An early preview of FastPictureViewer 2.0 (with early thumbnail view) is available: FastPictureViewer64_2.0_ALPHA.msi (refreshed on 10/07/2017). This version requires Windows 10, Windows 8.x, or Windows 7 with the Microsoft Platform Update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Use of this preliminary version is not recommended as this ALPHA release is only intended for testing specific aspects and is not fully functional, in particular the thumbnail view feature is at an early stage and is not expected to work well nor perform reliably at this point: this release just says "hey, we are (still) working on it!" v2.0 will be available at some point as a free update to all registered users. Version 1.9 is the currently maintained and supported version, which gets all the fixes and enhancements and which should be used on production systems!
IMPORTANT: All Windows 7 users should install the Microsoft Platform Update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, a free download from Microsoft which updates your Windows 7 graphic stack, in particular DirectX, WIC, the inbox codecs and Direct2D somewhat to Windows 8.x levels. FastPictureViewer Professional directly benefits from this update.
Our downloadable packages do not contain any spyware, adware, "toolbarware", or any invasive "bundleware" of any kind and all our files are digitally signed using a secure VeriSign Class 3 digital certificate, so their authenticity, origin and integrity is guaranteed.
Our products are un-installable from Control Panel: try with confidence!
Download the FastPictureViewer Professional Cheat Sheet (PDF, XPS) to learn about important functions, features and keyboard shortcuts.
Want to try-out Photoshop PSD support, JPEG auto-rotation in Explorer, OpenEXR, TGA, DDS, HDR, PIC, SGI, VTF support and more? Grab the free FPV Codec Pack Trial

We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto

We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto
How do I know whether my version of Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit?

  Windows 10:
  • Right-click the Windows logo on the taskbar.
  • Click System.
  • In the "System" section, look for "System Type." It will say either "32-bit Operating System" or "64-bit Operating System."
  Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
  • Click Start.
  • Right-click Computer.
  • Choose Properties from the context menu.
  • In the "System" section, look for "System Type." It will say either "32-bit Operating System" or "64-bit Operating System."
  Windows XP:
  • Click Start.
  • Right-click My Computer.
  • Choose Properties from the context menu.
  • Look just below the "Microsoft Windows XP" label for the particular edition of XP (for example, "Professional x64 Edition" or "Home"). If the edition contains the word "x64" then your machine has a 64-bit version of Windows XP."
FastPictureViewer Professional comes with first-class raw support for more than 580 digital camera models.
The File Utilities Plug-in included in FastPictureViewer Professional is a real powerhouse than can turn file management tasks into a 1-click job: it can copy, move, delete or save files for web in batch using easy-to-setup rules.
For DjVu format support in FastPictureViewer Professional, please install the DjVu Shell Extension Pack from Caminova.
To add support for Photoshop PSD, OpenEXR, HDR, DDS, PNM, TGA, VTF, SGI, PIC, JPEG 2000 and more in FPV Pro, you also need our separate FastPictureViewer Codec Pack product, which can be acquired as a bundle with FPV Pro licenses.
Important note for Windows Vista users: Install the Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library from Microsoft to get even faster performance from FastPictureViewer Professional and most applications using the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack: here are the download links for Windows Vista, Vista 64, Server 2008 and Server 2008 64.
Restart your computer after installing FastPictureViewer Pro with the bundled raw decoders and Windows will start recognizing your raw files just like JPEG's, and even let you search on metadata (such as focal length, or date taken etc) directly from Explorer on Windows 7 and Vista!

Registered and trial users can download and install FastPictureViewer Professional 1.x at any time to update their installed copy. New licensees can simply enter the license key received after purchasing a license key, there is no need to download or install a separate version of the software.

You can get a zipped version of the installers (32-bit or 64-bit) if your firewall/proxy does not like downloading standard Windows Installer MSI files. The zip files contains exactly the same .msi files as the direct download links.

Built-in automatic multilingual support:

   Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean,    Polish, Russian, Spanish.

You can uncheck the "Program Translations" option during setup to force the program to speak English, independently of your regional settings on Windows Control Panel.


   See what's coming: check out the roadmap in the user's forum and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute inside news.

Please check the image file formats compatibility page and read the Frequently Asked Questions and their thorough answers, along with the How To section of the user forum: these are the best ways to learn about FastPictureViewer's abilities.
Unschlagbar Schnell
"The Porsche of image viewers, unbeatably quick" - c't Magazin für Computertechnik 19/2008

System requirements:

Works with Windows Vista Works with Windows 7 Works with Windows 8.x

FastPictureViewer runs natively on 64 bit and 32 bit Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1 Desktop, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Development and testing is currently hosted on Windows 8.x 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit, where both the native 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the program and its companion FastPictureViewer Codec Pack are fully tested.

The program also runs on Windows XP SP3 with some limitations but beware that some XP display drivers have quirks that might prevent them to support FastPictureViewer's hardware-accelerated mode: use Windows Vista or later, 64-bit if your system supports it, for best GPU support and optimal performances.

Windows 8.x Desktop (Intel/AMD), Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows Vista also offers more robust and better performing USB tethered shooting abilities for FastPictureViewer Pro, for both 32 and 64 bit editions.

Minimum processor requirements:

IA-32Pentium 4, Xeon, Centrino or later, with SSE2 extensions.
Intel 64 (EM64T)Prescott microarchitecture or later, with SSE3 extensions.

FastPictureViewer Professional is optimized for the latest microprocessors (Intel Core i3/i5/i7 series or Intel Xeon E5 series) and automatically takes advantage of multiple processor cores and hyper-threaded cores for better performance on modern computers, as well as memory beyond the 4GB barrier on 64-bit computers and GPU memory.

For best performance with large DSLR images like Nikon D750, D800/D810, 5DMkIII and other modern cameras, we recommend a 64-bit operating systems with a minimum of 8GB of main memory (RAM) and 1GB or more of video memory (GPU memory, on the graphic adapter). The program will of course accommodate more modest configurations but it is important to realize that modern DSLR's images take up a lot of memory and you need a suitably equipped computer to handle those images comfortably!
  • Windows 10 (all editions for Intel x86/x64 computers).
  • Windows 8.x (all editions for Intel x86/x64 computers).
  • Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1 (all editions).
  • Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1 64-bit (all editions, recommended).
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit(*) (all editions, recommended).
  • Windows Vista SP1/SP2/SP2+Platform Update (all editions).
  • Windows Vista SP1/SP2/SP2+Platform Update 64-bit (all editions).
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2/SP2+Platform Update
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2/SP2+Platform Update 64-bit (all editions).
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2, with some performance and functionality restrictions, requires Windows Imaging Component.
  • Windows XP SP3, with some performance and functionality restrictions.
  • Full support for Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core2 Quad and Intel Core i3/i5/i7 and Intel Xeon processors, in native 32 or 64-bit modes.
  • Fast hard disk subsystem (SSD) recommended to work with many large images.
  • 24-bit per pixel (16 million colors) or 32-bit per pixel display mode recommended.
  • Modern and graphic adapter recommended for the optional DirectX/Direct3D GPU acceleration support, with 1GB of video memory or more.

Stay informed about new releases:

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A short introduction to FastPictureViewer Professional

The demo runs on a reasonably modern Intel i7-970 powered Desktop PC, 12GB of RAM, 64-bit Windows 7, NVIDIA GTX 460, no SSD, nothing super fancy but a good photo workstation for 2012.

Visit the Help & Tutorials Page for more videos and full-text tutorials! You can also check all our vides directly on


Read the FAQ, in particular learn how to configure FastPictureViewer for best performances!

FastPictureViewer ships in a kind of 'safe mode' where hardware acceleration, parallel image loading and smooth scaling are turned off by default. You might want to try turning those features ON one by one from the Options dialog and experiment a little bit with the settings to discover what works best for your computer and your needs. The fastest configuration is described in the FAQ.

Please note that the DirectX hardware accelerated mode uses techniques normally intended to be used by computer games and may not work on all graphic cards. Newer/higher-end gaming cards with fresh drivers tends to work best: make sure you are using the latest driver for your card! If you run into any kind of display issue, please turn OFF the GPU acceleration mode in FastPictureViewer and report the problem to your card's manufacturer.
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History of Notable Changes:

1.95.400.02021/09/15Technical refresh. No changes to the codecs. The viewer has been rebuilt with current tools and libraries. Windows XP and Windows Vista support has been dropped, with the new minimum system requirements set to Windows 7 SP1 plus all existing updates. Future versions may require Windows 10 at some point. 32-bit support dropped. Requires 64-bit CPU with AVX instruction set (available since Sandy Bridge - year 2011) or later. About 10% performance improvement when scanning folders to find pictures plus minor overall performance improvements throughout due to modernized toolset and libraries. The legacy 32/64-bit 1.9.360 builds from April 2017 with XP and Vista support are still available but will not be further updated.
2017   ->2021The longest lapse in the history of software updates...
1.9.360.02017/04/25 FastPictureViewer Pro 1.9.359.0 64-bit was inadvertently built as requiring an Intel AVX2-enabled processor and would not load on older machines. This release addresses that issue.
1.9.359.02017/04/23This release addresses an issue occurring on Windows 10 where the program can crash when right-clicking into a text input window where you can enter substitution variables. Those input windows can be found in the Renaming Template editor (F2) as well as in the File Utilities plug-in (Ctrl+F). The program customizes the default context menu for edit fields and add custom options letting users easily paste variables into the text, and a change in recent versions of Windows 10 caused the menu customization in FPV Pro to crash. The issue has been corrected.
1.9.358.02016/04/23The plugin that uploads to has been updated, following deprecation of the Zenfolio API 1.6; Additional improvements were made to substitution variables and functions: {LTrim{Variable}} and {RTrim{Variable}} remove any leading and trailing (right-side) blanks from {Variable}, respectively, while {LTrim{Variable},n} and {RTrim{Variable},n} remove any blanks AND also shaves n characters. Say you have a folder naming scheme where you use some fixed-length prefix, as in "01. Holidays". Assume it's the parent folder for the sake of example, then {LTrim{FilePath[1]},4} will resolve to "Holidays". Additionally, {Trim{Variable}} removes both leading and trailing blanks.
1.9.357.02016/04/16New substitution macros for renaming: {FilePath[n]}, {RegEx{Variable}}, many functions such as {Left{Variable},n}, {Upper{Variable}}, {TitleCase{Variable}} etc, more casing options e.g. {FileName:3} or {FilePath[1]:2}, and new CRC-32 and CRC-64 file hashes using {FileHash:3} and {FileHash:4}, respectively. Functions and variables can be composed, e.g. {Upper{Left{FilePath[1]},4}} represents the first four characters of the parent folder's name, uppercased. Note that this last example can use the uppercase option of the FilePath variable directly, as in {Left{FilePath[1]:1},4} to achieve the same effect.
1.9.356.02016/04/10Fix a regression where the color profile name was not always displayed when files had a color profile embedded.
1.9.355.02016/03/27Improved overall detection of color profiles in tagged and untagged files. New SHA2 digital signature on the installer.
1.9.354.02016/03/26Bug fix: color profile detection on some NEF files, references to Nokia Maps renamed to HERE Maps and fixed URL.
1.9.353.02016/02/05Maintenance release, removed digital signature from installer (for now) and other small things.
1.9.352.02016/01/03Small regression fix: 'B' (Black & White Preview) and 'C' (Check Highlights) keys were not working in GPU-accelerated mode in the past couple of builds. We also optimized the folder content enumeration, which should be quicker now.
1.9.351.02015/12/22Routine maintenance release with small enhancements.
1.9.350.02015/11/05Added first-class support for Cinemagraphs (aka Animated GIFs) which can now be played seamlessly within FastPictureViewer Professional. Fixed some PNG transparency issue with non-black background in GPU accelerated mode.
1.9.348.02015/07/25Fixes a bug where the {ImageIndex} substitution variable is sometimes zero when used from a plug-in, such as from the File Utilities batch rename function.
1.9.347.02015/07/17Fixes a regression in the batch delete function introduced in build 345.
1.9.346.02015/07/12Small bug fixes and Windows 10 compatibility update.
1.9.345.02015/07/05Fix to the Facebook upload plugin to accommodate the latest changes in Facebook permissions. FastPictureViewer Pro (licensed) now saves the Publishing, Deletion and B&W marks across sessions, which means you can use the X key to flag files for deletions, then quit the program. When you restart, the images you flagged will still be marked for deletion. This feature has virtually no impact on performance.
1.9.344.02015/04/26Build 344 is a raw compatibility update (raw codecs refresh to v3.8.0.96). As a side note, if you don't yet own the full Codec Pack, check this out: we introduced the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack Import Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop®, which let you import almost any Raw files to most version of Photoshop. This helps fill the gap until your next Photoshop upgrade, in case your newest camera is not supported by your current version of Photoshop! Get your Codec Pack right this minute and install it on top of FPV Pro :-)
1.9.342.02015/02/28Maintenance release with small performance improvements.
1.9.340.02015/01/25SmugMug upload plugin adapted to track changes in SmugMug API. Nikon D750 High-ISO now correctly displayed.
1.9.339.02014/09/28New "Megapixels" conditions in File Utilities. Raw codecs updated to 3.7
1.9.338.02014/08/17Camera Make and Camera Model conditions in the File Utilities batch processor. View Filters are now invertible.
1.9.337.02014/08/09Flickr publishing plugin (P, Ctrl+P) updated to reflect Flickr API change, small bug fixes.
1.9.336.02014/05/18Raw compatibility update. Also, the file extension casing is now displayed as on found on disk.
1.9.335.02014/04/21New {FileHash} variable available for renaming. Supports MD5, SHA1, and SHA-256 hashing algorithms. Include for example MD5 hashes in file names using the fastest hashing/renaming tool available!
1.9.334.02014/04/14Shift+Ctrl+C now copies the image pixel's to the clipboard, which can be pasted in all image editors and other graphics-enabled programs (Ctrl+C still copies the image file, which can then be pasted anywhere in Explorer). Includes the latest raw codecs ( which fixes an issue with Sigma X3F files shot with the "medium resolution" setting in-camera.
1.9.332.02014/02/03Fixes a small bug in the File Utilities plug-in where some advanced template-based renaming operations could lead to file names containing characters not valid for a file name.
1.9.331.02014/01/27Build 331 is a raw compatibility update (raw codecs refresh to v3.6.0.91)
1.9.330.02013/11/29Build 330 is a minor usability update. The holiday season has begun: great discounts on FPV Pro and FPV Codec Pack now!
1.9.329.02013/11/16Windows 8.1 compatibility update. This is a recommended update if you are running Windows 8.1 already, or plan to upgrade soon.
1.9.328.02013/11/04New options in the program preferences: 'Display Logo' (to disable the background logo) and 'Compute Histogram' (to disable calculations and gain a little speed, if you never use histograms).
1.9.326.02013/10/24Rebuilt with the latest tools. If you also have the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack, please update both products together!
1.9.325.02013/10/21Bug fix: After minimizing the program window to the taskbar then restoring it, the gadgets no longer move to the upper-left corner of the program window.
1.9.324.02013/10/12Bug fix: the Zoom/Radar/Eyedropper gadget (Z) was not working very well with tiny images (images less than 192 pixels in either dimension). The RTF Annotation gadget (J) is now available from the taskbar's right-click popup menu. All FPV Pro components and codecs have been rebuilt with updated tools (MSVC 2013.4)
1.9.323.02013/09/30Small usability enhancements: panning is now held when changing image or setting X-marks in 1:1-locked mode (with Enter key). Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Enter modes now accessible from the taskbar's context menu.
1.9.320.02013/09/22Renamed the GeoClustering plug-in to 'Smart Auto-Grouping', and updated the wording of its user interface to make it easier to understand and use.
1.9.319.02013/09/19Republished the installers.
1.9.318.02013/09/15A new 'Siblings' condition has been added to the File Utilities plug-in (Ctrl+F). The condition allows for selecting (or not selecting) files which have (or do not have) a sibling of a particular type, e.g. select only the RAWs which have no associated JPEGs, or similar conditions.
NB: The Codec Pack has just been updated with a fix to the Photoshop PSD codec which cures a potential stability issue that may cause FastPictureViewer to crash under some circumstances. If you also have the Codec Pack installed, please update it too!
1.9.317.02013/09/15Added the missing B&W Preview stat to the EXIF Statistics plugin (Ctrl+I).
1.9.316.02013/09/15Gadgets such as the RGB Histogram or the EXIF Shooting Data now move together with the main program window when they overlap it and the program gets moved or resized. Also made minor cosmetic fixes to the File Utilities plug-in and fixed small bugs.
1.9.315.02013/08/24Raw codecs refresh (, fixes a discrepancy with TIFF files created with onOne software, which were sometimes misidentified as raw. The optional bit-by-bit file copy verification is now also performed when moving image files, rather than just when copying.
1.9.314.02013/08/18The program was not working correctly when trying to set the "Mark for Publishing" flag to all the filtered images (using Shift+Ctrl+P when a View Filter is active), and the view filter itself included the "Marked for Publishing" flag as a filtering condition.
1.9.313.02013/08/17The gadget's opacity can now be set all the way down to 0%, making them fully transparent unless the mouse hovers them (the minimum was 20% before). Numeric pad "/" (divide) is now mapped to the "move file" command (divide is thus an alias for Alt+K, conveniently placed next to numeric pad "*", multiply, which is an alias for the Copy function K). Cosmetic bug fixes and small bug fixes in the File Utilities plug-in and IPTC Editor plug-in.
1.9.312.02013/08/11File Utilities plug-in maintenance release with tiny enhancements.
1.9.311.02013/08/04Added differentiated throttling on USB/Removable drives and Remote/Network drives, with new defaults, now overridable from registry values (RemoveableDrivesThrottle and RemoteDrivesThrottle). Those settings help reduce choking on slow devices or networks where (excessive) parallel loading on multi-core machines can cause severe congestions, leading to bad performances. Prior to build 311 removable drives and network drives were treated the same, with a conservative common throttle, potentially penalizing users with fast file servers (e.g. Windows Server) on fast networks (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet).
1.9.310.02013/08/01Raw codecs refresh (, fixes a discrepancy with TIFF files created with Nikon Capture NX software, which were misidentified as raw.
1.9.309.02013/07/27Stability and performance release: fixes three extremely rarely occurring crashes and optimizes timing accuracy of very fast slideshows.
1.9.308.02013/07/21The lost shadows/highlights indicator feature, available as an option to the Zoom/Radar gadget (Z), has been enhanced and now works in full screen, through the C key, in GPU-accelerated mode. A program option on the Personalization page let you control the behavior of the C key, from spring-loaded Lo/Hi (press to see both lost shadows and highlights together, release to return to normal), to Sticky Lo/Hi (press and release to activate, then press and release to go back to normal), to Cycle through Lo, Hi, Normal (press and release to see lost shadows, press and release again to see lost highlights, press and release yet again to return to normal view). The default is spring-loaded, which requires only a single key press, under the assumption that you only need a quick glimpse at shadows/highlights. In default mode you can press Shift+C instead of just C to enter a sticky mode, which stays on until the C key is pressed again. You can zoom/pan, change the image, rate, preview in B&W etc while the lost shadows/highlight mode is in effect, it just works seamlessly.
1.9.307.02013/07/20Bug fix release which solves an ICC profile issue which caused some JPEG files to be rendered as solid blue or otherwise incorrectly. Also fixes an inconsistency when images containing embedded ColorMatch ICC profiles were mixed with images containing embedded Adobe RGB (1998) profiles, where the program was sometimes mistaking one type for the other.
1.9.306.02013/07/14Extended the auto-advance (slideshow) speed range: now goes from 60 images per second to 1 image every 4 hours. Tiny bug fixes.
1.9.305.02013/07/13Workaround for a crash happening when starting the IPTC Editor, when the machine has certain versions of NVIDIA drivers installed.
1.9.304.02013/07/08More bug fixes: the program crashes when changing image folder while the Histogram and Room/Radar gadgets are both active AND linked.
1.9.303.02013/07/07Tiny bug fixes: User-overlay disappears when resizing the program window in GPU-accelerated mode. XMP gadget very slowly leaks memory.
1.9.302.02013/07/06Bug fix release (camera SN feature in conjunction with external XMP sidecar fixed).
1.9.301.02013/06/30Camera serial number support extended to more camera models, such as the Canon EOS-1D X.
1.9.300.02013/06/29Keep/copy file verification option. New {ImageIndex} macro available in renaming templates. Small bug fixes. compatibility update (raw codecs fix release (fixed a high-DPI screen mode cosmetic bug, fixed one tiny memory leak, affecting very long-running slide shows when using the PNG overlay feature, as well as other minor fixes). Black & White preview command (B) is now faster in GPU-accelerated mode as the color conversion now runs on the GPU. Added Bing Maps and Google reverse-geocoders to the IPTC Editor. The File Utilities Copy Action's bit-by-bit copy integrity comparison had a flaw when comparing XMP sidecars, which has been fixed. a cosmetic bug with the taskbar popup menu (plug-ins added to the wrong submenu) introduced in build 295. Black and White preview feature (B key) has been enhanced: new visual indicator has been added, the Save As function (Ctrl+S) now saves as B&W when saving a B&W previewed image, the View Filters features can now filter on B&W previewed images, a new File Utilities selection condition on the B&W preview flag has been added (so it's possible to copy/move/export B&W flagged images) and the Convert and Export File Utilities actions now optionally honor the B&W preview flag. See this forum post for more information. second regular expression substitution variable has been added for advanced renaming, {RegEx*}, which receives the full path as input (so it is possible to dissect the parent folder name(s) and use portions of them in the new name). of the late refreshes of build 292 required either Windows 8.x or the Microsoft Platform Update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and as such would not work on XP and Vista (or even on Windows 7 without the Platform Update). Build 293 removes this unintentional dependency. to was enabled in the web-publishing subsystem. Additionally, small bug fixes and enhancements were made throughout. Includes the latest raw codecs This release also fixes some potential security issues and has been internally reviewed and rebuilt with the latest Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle guidance in mind. This version is now validated for use with the (highly recommended) Microsoft Platform Update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. a bug where some context popup menus would pop on the wrong monitor on complex multi-monitor setups. a bug where atomic file rename operations failed when the files were on a FAT-formatted USB stick. Also made a minor enhancement to the File Utilitie's File Copy operation. a small bug in the newly introduced batch file conversion File Utiltie's action. Also increases batch conversion and batch publishing to local device's speed somewhat, on processors featuring Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. web-publishing plugin: Flickr. New Save As... command: Ctrl+S, saves the current image as a new file, in JPEG, TIFF, HD-Photo, PNG, GIF or BMP format. New Convert image format Action in the Files Utilities batch processor, converts any input format, including RAWs, to JPEG, TIFF, HD-Photo, PNG, GIF or BMP - fast! have been made for better Facebook web-upload plugin integration. FPV Pro will soon become a "Facebook App". web publishing destination: upload photos to your Facebook account or fan pages you manage. Includes our raw codecs v3.4 with 30+ new cameras supported (total supported: now above 430 models). an issue where the activity log (e.g. in the File Utilities plugin) would not work for Standard users (i.e. non-administrator) on Windows Vista or later. a tiny issue where the subfolder picker would no longer show itself after the program was minimized then restored. Also enabled the folder picker when running on Windows XP. a standard Open File command (Ctrl+O) and menu option, makes it easier for first-time users to find their way around FPV Pro. a new Getting Started utility, with new content for first-time users. Fixed the Nokia Maps URLs, which have changed to a new context menu to the thumbnail strip, with a choice of small/medium/large thumbnails and fast/good/best thumbnail resampling quality. Fixed a Daylight Saving Time bug in EXIF time display and DateTaken File Utilties condition. the option to associate FPV with JPEG files when installing on Windows 8.x, to work around a bug of unknown origins occurring on that platform. Speedier thumbnail handling throughout FPV Pro (Thumbnail Strip and Quick Navigation Slider) in preparation for the upcoming Thumbnail View. view filtering on SMP machines. IPTC Editor keyword entry bug fix: synonyms below current keywords now properly added. Minor changes for Windows Logo Program certification. a hang in the Zenfolio upload plug-in, occurring when the category fields were left empty on first-ever use. Added CEIP opt-in dialog. our code signing certificate from Comodo to VeriSign Class 3, re-signed all executable, codecs and installers. an elusive bug that seldom caused the program to freeze when jumping around the image list very quickly in random fashion. the batch delete function: sometimes, sharing violation errors caused files to be left behind or the program to hang, and sometimes the Thumbs.db file prevented otherwise empty folders from being removed. a small command routing issue introduced in build 273, which caused the X key to be ignored. Filter matching count now dynamically updated, added explicit "mark filtered" menu options and keyboard shortcuts for X and P marks. plugin integration: prevent computer sleep in long running operations (like web upload), ability to minimize FPV from the plugin, plugin progress reported to Windows taskbar. history trail navigation commands (Backspace, Shift+Backspace), up to 1000 steps remembered. a crash occurring sometimes when alternating the use of the quick navigation slider and the delete function. subfolder picker no longer shows when sub-folder browsing is off, fixed a crash when ejecting the media being viewed. Activation server on Azure. a translation mechanism for XMP labels (for advanced users) making XMP Label inter-operability with other XMP-enabled applications easier. the clickable 'Image Folder' link at the bottom of the sub-folder picker pane, which sometimes caused the pane to freeze. left/right arrows to the thumbnail strip, enhanced the sub-folder picker by adding a clickable 'Image Folder' link at bottom. a subfolder picker pane (provides an easier way to jump to any of the loaded sub-folders). Also integrates further with the Windows 7 taskbar. codecs updated to v3.3.0.67. Subtle look-and-feel changes made when FPV is running under Windows 8.x. Small bug fixes here and there. {FileNumber} and {FolderNumber} variables for Nikon/Canon. May come handy to rename files when recovering from catastrophic scenarios. bug fix: the serial number shown for some Canon cameras in the Shooting Data window was incorrectly formatted. compatibility update: Samsung NX1000, Sony DSC-RX100. Rolled-back Shift+Numpad change introduced in build 258. compatibility update: Canon EOS 650D, Samsung NX20 and NX210, Sigma DP1. center-crop mode viewing (Shift+Enter) to eliminate margins when the image's aspect ratio does not match the program's window or screen. with Shift+Numeric Keypad 1 to 5 when NumLock is off, also read EXIF 2.3 body s/n and lens model when present. bookmarks, accepts relative file names on CLI, added 2GB smart resizing option, async filtering and match count, fixed FileUtilities scripting. an intermittent crash introduced in build 255. the camera s/n (where available e.g. Canon, Nikon, Leica...) with {variable} and File Utilities conditions. Reads the lens data if present in XMP. the optional Customer Experience Improvement Program, collects global feature usage statistics, aims to help improve FPV Pro in the future. build fixes an issue in the GeoClustering plug-in, where singletons were skipped in time clustering mode. build fixes a couple of issues including a quite rare hang related to the external program launcher. a new command-line option, -LOCK, to lock-down the user interface, useful for kiosks or read-only viewing stations. Fixed small bugs. rotation: Ins key = counter-clockwise on-screen rotation, Shift+Ins = clockwise on-screen rotation. release fixes an auto-rotation issue occurring with some JPEG files (e.g. from Sony NEX-7). Fixed small glitches in the new GeoClustering plugin. the GeoClustering Utility plugin (Ctrl+L, clusters images from GPS coordinates or Time Taken). Also create Hard Links with the File Utilities. an occasional hang (actually a loooong delay) occurring sometimes when exiting the Options dialog after having changed some preferences. publishing plug-in update due to API address change. tethering auto-prefixing (Alt+T), fixed a number of small bugs, introducing mouse gestures recognition. an option to reverse the image list's sort order. Works for name sort as well as all data/time sort modes. a Black & White Preview function (B key) to FPV Pro, allows B&W photographers to get an idea of what a picture would look like after conversion. ability to display a PNG overlay image over the program's display area. Great for displaying a translucent logo/banner for public presentations etc. 'EXIF Statistics' plug-in (Ctrl+I): display image count charts based on shutter speed, aperture, ISO speed, focal length and more. 'Local Storage or Device' publishing plug-in: quickly export to USB key, digital photo frame, hard disk etc... in parallel with other publishing tasks. a PhotoShelter publishing plug-in, allowing users to publish photos directly to their PhotoShelter account. a tiny glitch in the Zenfolio publishing plug-in preventing the creation of new galleries without assigning them a category. publishing plug-in let you upload directly to your ZF account. Minor edge-case bug fixes. Default per image memory cap set to 256MB. 5 new preference options to the program settings, updated raw codecs to, folder watching on remote drives now off by default. web publishing plugin was broken in build new-style folder picker user-interface on Windows 7, plus small enhancements. Includes raw codecs v3.1.0.52 w/minor change to DNG codec. SmugVault support to SmugMug web upload plugin, also resolves occasional license activation issues encountered in some corporate networks. web publishing plugin update, notably adds a "remaining time" estimation. fix: small images shown at 100% were blurry when the option to smooth pixels above 100% zoom was set, in GPU accelerated mode. SmugMug upload plugin again, to fix a tiny mistake that may have caused a hang when trying to upload a non-JPEG file to SmugMug. SmugMug upload plugin to take advantage of the codec fix that shipped with build 228 earlier today., curing a color space issue encountered with some JPEG files, updated cheat sheet for v1.7 (mentioned Ctrl+P for publishing). web publishing, codecs with 7 new cameras, CVKC demo keyword collection, many small enhancements and bug fixes. selectable localizations during setup, added 6 more spelling languages to IPTC Editor (Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Slovenian, Swedish) support for Nokia Maps in all GPS-related functions, enhanced the batch processor event log with detail window and small bug fixes. FTP Upload action for the File Utilities batch processor plug-in, also added error control and some simple batch session logging. background color. The installer now remembers feature customizations when upgrading. FPV Pro feature: random slideshows (Shift+A), replaces build 221. FPV Pro feature: random slideshows (Shift+A). Batch Delete function (X, Ctrl+X). Small bug fix related to {AutoIncrement} counter variables, seen sometimes on multiprocessor computers. File Utilities condition: wildcard or regex-based file name filtering. Spell-checking now enabled on IPTC keywords. Regex on View Filters too. View Filter option: use wildcards to filter the displayed images by (base) file name, in addition to existing rating/label filters. [F3] keyboard shortcut to quickly set sort order (name, file creation time, file modification time, EXIF time, GPS time) and reload folder. compatibility update (Fuji F600EXR, Nikon P7100, Olympus E-PL3 and E-PM1, Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Sony NEX-5N, SLT-A65 and SLT-A77). fix: cures a crash happening since build 212 on some computers running in Large Font mode. release. to the new real-time "zoom" window introduced in build 202. More small bug fixes. photographer feature: real-time "zoom" window, with RGB eyedropper and lost highlights/shadows indicators. Small bug fixes. Editor (final) and GPS Coordinates head up display floating window (similar to EXIF window). Raw codecs aligned with Codec Pack codecs refreshed to, improves performance in Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Photo Gallery. Also marks the 200th release! Editor BETA 1.10, 'nearby place name' worldwide reverse geocoding, clear geocache function, small fixes. Raw codecs data now also read from XMP sidecar files, as created by "after the fact" geotagging systems e.g. GeoSetter, GiSTeq PhotoTrackr Pro, or Aperture. compatibility update (E-P3, D-LUX 5, V-LUX 2, DMC-G3, DMC-GF3, NEX-C3, SLT-A35), updated IPTC Editor Beta 1.9 (fixes intermittent crash). subscriptions to be used with the IPTC editor's reverse-geocoding feature introduced in v1.5.204.0. Editor Beta 1.8, now featuring previous/next image navigation directly from the IPTC editor's window, warning prompts and some bug fixes. Editor Beta 1.7 introduces reverse-geocoding, can retrieve addresses and auto-fill the IPTC Location fields from embedded GPS coordinates. Editor Beta 1.6 fix bug sometimes causing hang when typing keywords, better keyboard support, Esc now closes IPTC Editor from all fields. Editor Beta 1.5 with first preview of the search-as-you-type keyword entry feature: FPV Pro now supports hierachical keyword collections. bug fix: a peculiar behavior of the F11 function has been corrected and the non-full screen window size now survives across sessions. fixes: the EXIF auto-rotation preference switch is now working again. Fixed a bug causing the File Utilitie's Export function to fail in some cases. support for 2D previewing of MPO 3D files (Fuji Real 3D). Also features some extra optimization on Intel Atom and Intel AVX-enabled CPUs. precautionary rebuild after we applied the changes recommended in Microsoft security bulletin MS11-025. releases to update the bundled raw codecs to v3.1.0.33 (which fixes the CD-ROM/DVD large thumbnail issue reported by some users). Pro now looks for two new self-explanatory registry values: WriteSoftwareCreatorInMetadata (used when rating) and EnableFullPathInCaption. a rare bug affecting CMYK JPEG file handling on old Windows versions (Windows XP and pre-platform update Windows Vista and Server 2008). a recently introduced bug related to XMP sidecar reading (which was broken). camera RAW support: D5100, A230, A290, E-PL1s, XZ-1, F550EXR, HS20EXR, Z990. IPTC Editor: added Polish language spelling. Small bug fixes. Editor: added configurable multilingual spelling, ships with US, UK, DE, IT, FR and ES dictionaries. Editor: added Copy/Paste IPTC snapshot, Save Preset (in XMP format), Import Preset (from *any* file), with quick recall of last 16 imports. "un-copy" option to the Keep/Copy function (use Shift+K or Shift+* to un-copy a previously copied image). a bug where the File Utilities rule editor could hang when a folder name contained an ampersand character. monitoring and real-time "hot folder" tracking mode (T) now works across Windows-based local area networks. v1.5.186.0 from 04/19, whose installer had problems... Hopefully everything is back to normal now. release, cures a rare issue where batch renaming would occasionally skip a file on slow computers when a sharing violation error occurs. release, fixes a bug in the Copy... function of the File Utilities plug-in's rule editor. Also works around an issue with ATI 11.2/11.3 drivers. ability to attach exported images to an email message in the Save-for-Web action of the File Utilities plug-in: easily export-and-email pictures! compatibility update: Canon EOS 600D, Rebel T3i, Kiss Digital X5, EOS 1100D, Rebel T3, Kiss Digital X50, Sony DSLR-A390 and Fuji FinePix X100. improvement when browsing images directly off camera over USB connection, or from a network drive. (English) spell checking to all text fields in the IPTC Editor, more languages to come. the FastPictureViewer IPTC Editor BETA 1. Writes essential IPTC fields like headline, caption, location, copyright and more, with batch abilities. Hungarian translation. FastPictureViewer Professional is now available in 15 languages! release, minor bug fixes and enhancements. file processor enhancements: GPS position, speed, altitude and direction conditions, with proximity search and camera direction criteria. control in "GPS data" condition, let users select/exclude images with specific GPS information (e.g. image direction or altitude). step towards GPS support: added "GPS data" condition to File Utilities plug-in, to select/exclude geotagged images. Filters, several new batch file management trigger conditions and actions (set rating, rename...) and .WAV audio annotations support. update: added support for Panasonic raw file's ISO speed display. A bug where renaming templates were not always saved was fixed. fix: a performance issue that affected some users of the 32-bit version on 64-bit operating systems was corrected. Includes 2.5 R5 raw codecs. release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.5 R3 ( release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.5 R3 ( compatibility update (D3100, D7000, P7000, G12, FZ40, FZ100, LX5, K-r, K-5, GX20 and more), bug fixes. fix: an issue in the v1.3 CPU detection code causing the program to crash on startup when running on some non-Intel processors. update for multi-core computers, smoother parallelism in the batch file processor, raw codecs update. opacity for RGB histogram, EXIF data, XMP info. Copy EXIF window to clipboard. New "copy image pathname to clipboard" function. Romanian translation. Raw codecs aligned with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.4 (, enabled Photoshop PSD color management. release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.3 R5 (, plus minor tweaks. update (raw preview JPEGs and general JPEG viewing on multicore processors). Align bundled raw codecs with Codec Pack 2.3 ( maximum size extended to 2560 pixels to match "Full HD" resolution, plus minor cosmetic fixes. release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.2 R5 ( release: align bundled raw codecs with the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 2.2 R4 ( fix: '-icc' command-line options was broken. fix: an issue with bundled raw codecs prevented raw images slideshows from starting in Windows 7 Media Center. format compatibility update (PGM/PPM binary 16bit and 32bit float gray scale, 48bit RGB and 128bit ARGB float with FPV Codec Pack 2.2R3). format compatibility update (issues with DNG and NEF files created with PC software like DxO or CNX were fixed or worked around). translation, bug fixes with some image formats (like the old Kodak DCR raw format). fix release, corrects some edge-case issues e.g. with CMYK JPEGs and B&W DNGs. formats compatibility update (Samsung NX10 SRW raw format support) formats compatibility update (Sony A450, Kodak Z981, Olympus E-P2) file processor can now optionally erase read-only files. Formats support update (EOS 550D, HS10, HS11, DMC-G2, NX10, WB550, NEX-3, NEX-5). fix: XMP metadata embedding (JPEG) was broken. cancellable image loading (enables faster scrolling). Keep/Copy function and XMP Rating System now part of FastPictureViewer Professional. due to a late bug fix regarding metadata for some jpeg files. the new fast JPEG decoder for normal JPEG viewing within FPV, in addition to raw preview JPEG unpacking: faster JPEG all round! Pro update for Windows 7 and Vista users: for most raw formats, faster extra-large thumbnails creation for thumbnail strip and navigation slider. release. 1.2: First release of our new high-performance JPEG decoder, currently used for raw preview JPEG extraction (up to 50% faster!) x64 fix for poor GPU mode performances with some high-end graphic cards. Added two new conditions to the batch file processor plug-in. Slovenian translation. Mark-for-deletion (X) now optionally auto-advances, following corresponding the rating option setting. update: Added ability to remove folders left empty after batch delete operations and batch file processor's delete actions. update: batch delete function (X mark image for deletion / Ctrl+X delete all marked images), revised Simplified Chinese translation. release, minor bug fixes and changes, revised Italian translation. Utilities update: image dimension and GPS time conditions, user-defined custom JavaScript conditions and actions, bug fixes. Utilities plug-in update: 3 new conditions, macro-substitution within destination paths, bug fixes. performance, memory footprint and multi-processing improvements to the File Utilities plug-in. fast "Save for Web" functionality: easily export small/medium-size JPEG copies from your raw files! relative paths support to file utilities plug-in, plus new Rawzor codec. TGA codec moved to the pack. 1.1: Added powerful rule-based file utilities plug-in (Pro: with batch processing abilities). 'R' command to display the RAW image (instead of JPEG preview) when available. support for Mamiya ZD MEF and Sinar CS1 files. a rare crash occurring when deleting files with thumbnail strip displayed. Updated Russian translation. F10 hotkey. Rating from numeric keypad. Adobe RGB for old NEFs. Supports old 1D/1Ds and new Pentax K-x. a 16-bit TIFF color management issue occurring on Vista and XP. EOS 1D MkIV's ISO 102'400 now displayed in EXIF, more thumbnail issues fixes. occasional upside-down thumbnails and a Label vs. Urgency sidecar issue in Expression Media mode. for Japanese registration names and Sigma X3F shutter speed display for SD9/SD10 cameras. the latest codec pack, with support for the new Canon EOS-1D Mark IV DSLR. update: defaults to full raw conversion when jpeg preview is smaller than the screen. support for 30-bit display mode (Win7) and Direct3D 9Ex (Vista), bug fixes, optional alternate CMS. Now waiting for 30-bit display drivers... zooming enhancements. Also fixes a serious (but rare) bug. release (small bug fixes). recognition and support for the .jxr (JPEG XR) file extension. Information Head Up Display window, with star rating, color label and urgency. update for Nikon D3s ultra-high-ISO display. support for the Sigma X3F raw format. of the Codec Pack with the standard installer. Minor fixes and enhancements (thumbnail strip). maintenance, fixes a rare activation issue and one specific preference setting that was not saved. trials for all new users. around an issue with certain 0-byte files on Windows 7, other minor enhancements. thumbnail strip and jumbo-thumbnail previews (Windows 7 and Vista only). support for the Codec Pack, plus some feedback-induced improvements. recently used folder context menus and Windows 7 taskbar jump list integration. update: Nikon NRW (P6000) support and partial Photoshop PSD support through Microsoft PSD codec. a rename function (F2) (Pro Edition: adds powerful, customizable template-based renaming). F4 shortcut and taskbar button to show the Quick Navigation slider maintenance release. translation, improved XMP sidecar interoperability keyboard shortcuts ("un-rate" with [`]), other minor improvements. Dutch translation, plus some minor enhancements and fixes. Chinese translations, external editors hotkeys now works with external editor window closed. Chinese translation, also fixed a bug related to double-click/drag drop from Explorer. release with various small optimizations, also produces leaner XMP sidecar files. a rare issue with automatic language selection. preliminary Dutch translation to 32 and 64-bit editions. Polish language translation, plus minor internal updates. 64-bit FastPictureViewer version debuts. Updated Italian language translation. an incompatibility with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 RC (6.1.7100). update: fixes an issue between Win7 RC (6.1.7100) and the licensing system. ability to read rating/labels/urgency from existing XMP sidecar files. German, Italian, Chinese languages. Ability to resume session from the last viewed image. Ctrl+F1 hotkey to launches external editor. Final Italian translation, preliminary Chinese version. preliminary Italian translation, final German translation. preliminary German translation. command-line option to override monitor profile, 'S' hotkey speaks out rating. option to enlarge small images to fit window or screen. maintenance release (translation fixes only). release, updated Japanese and Spanish translations. shell integration, includes preliminary Japanese and Spanish translations. release, includes final Russian translation. maintenance release, includes preliminary Russian translation. application launcher, optional file prefixes (rating), improved panning for large images. localization update and polishing. version, French and English language resources. a crash occurring with certain images. pixel smoothing while zooming above 100%, pixel dimensions display, Olympus ORF support. a race condition that caused crashes in certain circumstances. release, prevents a potential crash that might occur under rare circumstances. update: Sony A700/A900 fast raw preview (1616x1080 pixels only, no metadata). update: Supports NEF files saved by CaptureNX with modified color space. font/high-DPI (120DPI and beyond), 1 bpp TIF fix, Nikon Low-ISO, rating preserves date, Windows 7. D3X support, warn on invalid color profile, more parallelism on high-end machines. maintenance release, small setup changes. a crash occurring when viewing some images with invalid EXIF Maker Note tag. a random crash occurring (rarely) just after launching the program. bookmarks reliability, fixed possible processor affinity issue on Apple MacPro hardware. release, small bug fixes. maintenance release, solves edge-case bugs, adds some bookmarks enhancements. crash occurring on some systems when the computer wakes up from sleep has been fixed. update: tethered shooting robustness enhancements on Windows XP, plus minor updates. performance improvement, better histogram scaling, new user forum. dimensions shown in EXIF window when image has no EXIF data. Added RW2 (Panasonic RAW) support. update: Support for RAW and JPEG+RAW tethered mode shooting (with color-managed JPEG preview). update: Color management support for NEF and CR2 1.2.0 previews, 48bpp TIFF and other HDR formats. update: Persistent bookmarks, fast multi-cameras tethered shooting (MTP/PTP over USB). memory usage, sort on GPS time or EXIF date, rate-and-advance mode, quick bookmarks. a random crash (introduced in version occurring on some systems. update: Added support for multi-page TIFFs, GIFs, DjVU files. support for very large images, with configurable automatic resizing to fit video memory. a rare incompatibility with some ICC profiles and a potential crash after deleting images. sort images by file modification date, performance enhancements. a crash occurring when handling certain files with invalid 'date picture taken' field. update: Handle metadata changes in Canon CRW/CR2 codec v1.3.0 release, small performance enhancements and bug fixes. navigation slider, mouse-activated taskbar, auto-hide mouse cursor, several internal enhancements. downscaling quality in DirectX mode, optional [Copied] overlay stamp on copied/moved images. release, minor internal enhancements and fixes. menu bar, optionally associate file extensions during setup. browsing of network shares. maintenance release: fixed an issue related to calibrated monitors and uncalibrated pictures. freeware expiration policy; new license agreement. automatic advance mode (A), configurable from 0.1s to 1h. tracking mode (T), automatically displays the last image added to the picture folder tree. toggles kiosk, Up/Down tracks folder, adaptive memory usage, sound optional, drag-drop fix. update policy expanded to 120 days. maintenance release. image list wrapping. for Adobe DNG codec RC1 (2008/05/13) in FastPictureViewer Professional Edition. target color space for calibrated monitors, optionally reuse last folders, keep/copy hierarchy. handling of rotated preview images in NEFs, better DEP compatibility (Server 2008 & Vista). embedded XMP rating/label/urgency from JPEG/HD Photo/TIFF files. enhancements, filenames sorted in "logical" order. Pro edition now loads all WIC codecs. precision R,G,B histogram display in translucent window. Nikon extended ISO range (100-25600). This version also debuts the Professional Edition. shooting info (shutter, f-stop, ISO, ...), improved color conversion, middle-click -> keep/copy. keyboard navigation: Home/End, Ctrl+Home/End, Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn, Alt+PgUp/PgDn. Explorer command, Set as Wallpaper plug-in, Home/End navigation, optional quick exit (Esc). % indicator, optionally hide zoom mouse cursor and/or invert zoom mouse scrolling direction. to folder content when opening/dropping an image from Explorer. Image list now sorted alphabetically. image function along with minor internal enhancements. XMP and Vista Rating/Labeling for JPEG, support for "Open With..."/double-click from Explorer. (from EXIF orientation) and delete / move to Recycle Bin function. XMP sidecar files, click-and-hold zooming, 50%-6400% magnifier, drag & drop, more options. filtering (i.e. smooth scaling) in DirectX accelerated mode. HD Photo / JPEG-XR support to Home Basic edition. & shell integration, extended mouse/keyboard keys support. kiosk mode (aka full screen mode) fix, internal enhancements. fix in options dialog. public release.

Links, related downloads, free and commercial WIC codecs, DCRAW.EXE and some freebies:

  • FastPictureViewer Codec Pack (32 and 64-bits, 40+ formats: 13 manufacturers, 320 camera models + specialized image formats: EXR, TGA, HDR, PSD)

  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD) WIC Codec 32/64-bit (part of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)
  • OpenEXR (EXR) WIC Codec 32/64-bit (part of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)
  • Netpbm (PNM,PPM,PGM,PBM) WIC Codec 32/64-bit (part of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)
  • JPEG 2000 (JP2,J2K) WIC Codec 32/64-bit (part of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)
  • DirectX DDS WIC Codec 32/64-bit (part of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)
  • Truevision Targa (TGA) WIC Codec 32/64-bit (part of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)

  • DjVu WIC Codec 32/64-bit from Caminova (with full multi-page support in FPV Pro)
  • WebP WIC Codec 32/64-bit, a work in progress from Google.

  • WIC Acquisition Plug-in (ALPHA) for Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5 (2010/01/22) - Retired. We introduced the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack Import Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® in the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 3.8 as a fully supported replacement. One more reason to get your Codec Pack license ;-)

  • Dcraw.exe - Dave Coffin's free DCRAW raw converter, ready to use, compiled with full optimizations in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions (dcraw.exe and dcraw64.exe), portable, with libjpeg and lcms2 optional modules included, no dependencies (9.27/1.477, 2016/05/10, x86 & x64)

  • - Contains a .reg file that adds an "Extract JPEG..." context menu option to Windows Explorer. This command uses dcraw.exe to quickly extract (dump) the preview JPEG embedded in most raw files (freebie, 2KB). Requires dcraw.exe (see above) to be in "C:\Program Files\DCRaw\" but the .reg file can easily be modified to suit a different location, or to use dcraw64.exe, also included in the above package.

  • - v2.03 - A fast MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 file hash generator, coming in 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions. Optimized for real-world cold cache scenarios and very large files. Runs from the command-line, accepts wildcards and prints summary info like total bytes processed and processing rate (freebie, 101KB).

  • - Totally off topic: yet another "Copy Path" shell extension. This one is special in a few regards: (1) the first version was the first "copy path" extension ever written and actually one of the first shell extensions ever written outside of Microsoft: the initial version was created in 1994 for the Shell Technical Preview that ran on Windows NT 3.51. The Shell TP eventually turned out as the Windows 95 Explorer we all know. (2) it only weights 9KB - about 1/10th (or less) of the size of similar shell extensions out there. (3) it can extract URLs from Internet shortcuts: the menu option becomes "Copy URL". (4) it works with multiple files selected. (5) if you hold Shift, it only copies the file name(s), not the full path(s). For 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems (Win9x, WinNT, W2K, WinXP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Windows 8.x and beyond). There are 3 .inf files in the download, one for Win9x, one for NT (that's NT, W2K, XP, Vista, 7, 8...) and one last .inf file for 64-bit. Right-click the right one for your OS and click "Install", then get rid of all files as they are no longer needed.

  • - Even more off topic: a nice looking pseudo-random number generator for the Euro Millions lottery (freebie, 23.9KB). If you ever win the lottery with the help of "our" numbers, please remember us and spare a million or two ;-)))

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