How to: Batch convert everything to JPEG using FPV Pro?

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How to: Batch convert everything to JPEG using FPV Pro?

Postby Axel on Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:04 pm

FastPictureViewer Professional has a built-in publishing subsystem that can export files to web sites through plugins. A special plugin ships inbox which allows to select a local hard disk or USB key as destination:

1) Open some image folder
2) Hit Shift+P (to mark all for publishing) then Ctrl+P (to fire up the publishing plugin).
3) Set your destination to "Export to Local Storage or Device".

This feature is great to quiclky create full-resolution or downscaled copies to your specified size. You can export for email, fill up a digital photo frame, make JPEGs for printing or publishing of all kinds. All output files are automatically converted to sRGB on-the-fly if necessary, for consistent color rendition on all platforms and devices.

Try it!
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