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How to: Quickly jump around the image list?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 1:24 pm
by Axel
There are two different ways to quickly jump around the image list, even if it contains thousands (or tens of thousands) of images:

  • By using the quick navigation slider
  • By using bookmarks
The quick navigation slided is displayed by clicking on the image number at the lower-right corner of the program's window. The slider opens and let you jump anywhere in the list in an instant.

When browing images, you can also set bookmarks along the way, and later instantly jump back to any of them. FastPictureViewer Professional saves the bookmarks and remembers them across viewing sessions so you can easly bookmark your current location and resume working from there on the next day, for example.

Bookmarks are managed from a context menu that gets displayed when right-clicking the program's taskbar. Alternatively, keyboard shortcuts can be used to quickly set bookmarks, or jump to previously set bookmarks, directly from the keyboard.

We have customers using FastPictureViewer Professional to crawl through security camera snapshots two hundred thousands at a time, using bookmarks and the navigation slider, without any problem, a task that no other image viewer we know of would be able to handle.