Does the Codec pack support for EXR work in XP64?

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Does the Codec pack support for EXR work in XP64?

Postby jonahhawk on Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:30 am

I have XP 64bit. Is there a trick to get the thumbnails to generate in explorer? I am especially interested in EXR

Is this support only for 64bpp EXR files? or will it support 32 and 16bpp EXR as well?


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Re: Does the Codec pack support for EXR work in XP64?

Postby Axel on Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:43 am

Yes, all codecs works on XP 64 SP2: all you need to do is install Windows Imaging Component (64-bit) separately, as there is no SP3 for your OS. Performance is sub-optimal on XP and Vista without the Platform Update (compared to Windows 7) due to the threading model used in older versions of WIC, but all codecs should work flawlessly nevertheless.

The OpenEXR codec reads all 72 sample images provied by ILM in their openexr-images-1.5.0.tar.gz package, and as such it covers all EXR variants and compression schemes. The output you get (for example from our own FastPictureViewer standalone application) is undistinguishable from what Photoshop CS4 displays from the same images. The only feature that the codec does not implement is automatic scaling of non-square pixels (image are always returned 1:1).

The codec always returns "64bpp RGBA Half" floating point data to its caller (so it preserves up to 30 f-stops of HDR information). On the other hand it reads both 64bpp (16bpc with Alpha) and 128bpp (32bpc with Alpha) floating point images.

Applications using the OpenEXR codec should be prepared (and able) to handle floating point pixel data. Our supplied XP Thumbnail Provider performs the necessary pixel format conversion on-the-fly and returns a 32bpp bitmap (with Alpha) to Explorer.

By the way, our OpenEXR codec is about 3-4x faster than "the competition" and our math seems to be a little more accurate, too:


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