EXIF - Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds Rotation

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EXIF - Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds Rotation

Postby Automan on Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:47 pm

I have been waiting for years for Bill to fix Windows so it knows about EXIF data relating to image rotation.

Bill has failed but you guys have nearly suceeded fixing this shortfall in Windows 7 except for one place.

Desktop background images still show with the wrong orientation when selected by Right Click Desktop, Personilize, Desktop Background and set to my pictures slide show.

Downloaded the lastest 2.4 release but no better.

Can this be fixed or is it too far embedded into windows?

Many Thanks

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Re: EXIF - Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds Rotation

Postby Axel on Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:27 pm

EXIF-based auto-rotation for JPEG files works in Explorer, Photo Viewer, Photo Gallery and Media Center 7 as we describe on the Codec Pack web page, mainly because these applications "play ball" and use our replacement JPEG codec.

There are some places where the application insists to use the standard codec (or where an older image access library may be used) and where the standard rotation-ignorant behaviour is maintained as our codec is not even loaded. The desktop background setter is one such places, the built-in MSPaint application being another.

Microsoft could either fix this in the future by letting those apps use whatever default codec is installed, or they can force the use of their own stock codec in every built-in apps and in both cases there is little we can do about it without using risky techniques that might compromise the system stability, something we'd rather avoid 8-)

We took great care not to break anything with the auto-rotating JPEG codec (that was not so easy) and it works well in most situations (Explorer, Photo Viewer, Media Center, Photo Gallery) but unfortunately there are a few corner cases here and there that are not handled, at least yet.
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Re: EXIF - Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds Rotation

Postby Angelica20 on Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:54 am

Desktop Backgrounds images that you want to use for this purpose can be a collection of images stored on your computer, and also the default themes. You can also add your favorite themes in this folder manually, go to the themes and settings Open the Themes folder. A simple registry hack the script to allow users to open the wallpaper by right-clicking directly on the desktop. Script adds the ability to change the wall paper on your desktop, menu shortcuts on the desktop, and when you choose this option, the script will open the destination of the image's background, and you can select your desktop wallpaper.
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