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How to force hardware acceleration

PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:54 pm
by jfairbrass
Hi, at the moment I'm getting this error message each time I start FPV:

"Hardware acceleration is not available at this time. Please make sure you have the latest version of DirectX, a recent graphic card and an up-to-date driver."

With older versions of FPV on this same computer, I didn't get this error. My graphics card does have hardware acceleration and the latest drivers.

I seem to remember being told about a Registry entry I could add, which would force FPV to use hardware acceleration even if it didn't detect a compatible graphics card. But I don't remember what that Registry entry was. I do remember trying it at the time, and it worked. But I've since lost it and I'd like to try it again.

Can someone kindly post that Registry key for me?