EXIF Data Lenght?

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EXIF Data Lenght?

Postby Alowan on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:09 pm


I downloaded your free trial to see if it fits my needs, and it is an excelent program.
I am currently working on setting up a bunch of computers showing diffrent raw images with exif data. This is ment to let a bucnh of people browse the images and see the exif information and learn from it.

To do this I have quite a bit of text in the EXIF descriptions, and other exif data. But the program only seems to be showing two lines of text for description, and not all of the exif data - which makes using this program for the task I want a bit harder.

I was therefore wondering if there is any way to alter the max amount of text and the exif box's size etc.?

Best Regard,

P.s otherwise an amazing and simple raw viewer.
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Re: EXIF Data Lenght?

Postby Axel on Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:29 pm

The EXIF window is not configurable at this time, it shows essential shooting info but not much more. If you need to display all EXIF details (and more) you can consider adding a specialized metadata viewer, such as Opanda iExif or PhotoMe (http://www.photome.de) which you can configure as an external editor in FPV Pro.

This way, basic EXIF info would be available through the program's current floating EXIF window, while the full details are just a ckick (or a keystroke) away.



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