Export JPGs larger than 2560px

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Export JPGs larger than 2560px

Postby darinf on Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:45 pm

Is there a way to export JPG's larger than 2560px in size?

If not, why not? Seems like a pretty arbitrary number.

Is there a way I could us javascript or VB script to scale the images larger?

I really like the speed of the GPU enabled resize/export, but I need to output JPGs larger than 2560px., ideally up to the full resolution of the original file.

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Re: Export JPGs larger than 2560px

Postby Axel on Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:01 am

At the moment the Export action of the File Utilities plug-in create files from 96px (thumbnails) to 2560px (full screen size of a 30-inch "Cinema" display). This function was intended to export files for web/blog and email uses: the resulting files are optimized towards a good quality vs. size balance and are stripped of all metadata.

The Export function's speed comes from our codec's speed and parallel processing, as the batch file processor runs processing rules on multiple cores and/or multiple CPUs concurrently so it works on several files at the same time, depending on available processor resources.

Of course you could write your own custom action in JavaScript or VBScript and do whatever you want with the images: you get the source image's full pathname when your action is invoked so you could grab the file passed to your custom script and do whathever you like with it (for example run DCRaw.exe to convert a raw file to TIFF or extract the embedded JPEG, or use ImageMagick's ActiveX object, as exemplified here, to convert your input files to whathever required dimensions in about two lines of script code).

Icing on the cake: your custom action runs in the same multi-processing environment as built-in, native actions (provided by the File Utilitie's rule execution engine) so you get the same multicore speed boost for free, compared to serial processing 8-)

RELATED: Using the Files Utilities plug-in (simple script examples at the end of the section).
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