FastPictureViewer is available

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FastPictureViewer is available

Postby Axel on Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:00 am

Notable new features include:

  • New command line switch to override monitor ICC profile
  • 'S' keyboard shortcut speaks out the XMP rating/label/urgency of the current image
  • Final Japanese translation
  • Final Spanish translation
The new monitor ICC profile override command-line option was added to handle multi-monitor scenarios e.g. laptop with external profiled monitor. It is now easy to create a shortcut with command-line parameters to launch the program directly on the external monitor with the external monitor's ICC profile:

Code: Select all
FastPictureViewer -k -m 2 -c "6200 22 200 B10 C50 RGB100.icc"

The above command will launch the program in full-screen (kiosk) mode, on monitor number two, and with the specified ICC profile.

See more command-line options in the FAQ.

The new version is available now from the download page.
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