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FastPictureViewer's Roadmap

Postby Axel on Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:41 am

To appear in FastPictureViewer Professional medium-term future, in no particular order:

  • Thumbnail view with multiple-selection support (e.g. for keywording a subset of the images) -> currently in Alpha
  • Sub-folder selector (when sorting by name) / Date selector (when sorting by time).
  • File export plugin, with Save-As functionality and optional conversion to TIFF and HD-Photo.
  • GeoClustering plugin (group images by spatial proximity (clusters) using GPS coordinates).
  • Web publishing (image upload to pro-grade photo sharing web sites through plug-ins).
  • FTP publishing action, adding upload abilities to the existing batch automation system.
  • Support for GPS metadata as selection criteria in batch file management tasks.
  • Filtered views (like "show only 5 star images", etc, wildcards filter on image name).
  • File utilities plug-in with batch copy/move/delete/export/rename/rate.
  • Better resampling algorithm for users unable to use hardware acceleration.
  • Large head-up-display showing XMP information such as rating and color labels.
  • Recently used folder list for image folder and keep/copy folders (right-click the Images Folder button).
  • Thumbnail strip (for Vista and Win7 only. Just shows a few images before/after current).
  • Rename current image function (pro: with custom renaming templates).
  • Thumbnail preview in quick navigation slider (for Vista and Win7 only).
  • Native x64 versions with identical functionality including MTP/PTP tethering support.
  • GPS coordinates display for geotagged images.
  • IPTC metadata editor with templates loading.
  • Keywording/tagging function (based on "controlled vocabulary" keyword dictionary).
The stroked-through items are fully implemented and currently shipping. The program may also get translated to more languages but will not expand much beyond the above features (of course some functionality will be refined and small enhancements and fixes will be made throughout, to round up the feature set, add some polish or enhance useability).

A word about the thumbnail view: this feature was deemed unnecessary in the original FastPictureViewer, as Windows Explorer - which gets raw-enabled by installing FastPictureViewer Pro - already does a very good job at displaying thumbnails, previews and metadata. However, since the advent of the IPTC Editor, some users have expressed the need to be able to perform a non-contiguous selection of images and then act on it (for example set caption or keywords).

Without an integrated thumbnail view, where users can select multiple images using Ctrl+Click or check boxes, this use-case is not satisfied: one can either tag the current image or all images, but not an arbitrary subset of the images. As such, an integrated thumbnail is being added to cover this usage scenario. As of January 2013, this feature ships as part of the upcoming FastPictureViewer 2.0, currently available for download in ALPHA form.

Once all bullet points on the above list are crossed, FastPictureViewer Professional will be called "2.0" and all existing registered users will have access to that version free of charge, this being our way of saying "thank you" to our early users for their support and vote of confidence.

The plans for the future update policy, beyond v2.0, are not decided yet. We have a couple of new product ideas and we need to consider how to integrate these with the future evolution of FPV Pro. The only sure thing is that there will be new releases beyond v2.0, as we continue to provide timely support for new camera models and compatibility with new Windows versions as they come to market.
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