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FastPictureViewer 1.1 is available

Postby Axel on Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:36 am

Notable new features and changes in version 1.1 include:

  • A new, powerful rule-based file management plug-in has been added. The plug-in can act on files (copy, move, delete, for now) according to conditions on file type, rating, label, urgency, or the fact that the file was copied to the Keep/Copy folder surung the current session, or bookmarked.

    Conditions and actions are set by creating rules similar to email message processing rules in Microsoft Outlook, making it possible to say something like "where the file type is JPEG and where the image has an XMP rating equal to 5 then move it to folder XYZ, except where the XMP label is equal to 0", etc, all in a point-and-click graphical interface.

    The plug-in makes it possible to build sophisticated rules in just a few clicks. There can be many rules, for example it is possible to create different rules and copy a file to multiple locations depending on various criterias, so if your workflow requires to copy certain files to, say, 3 different places (or more), just create the appropriate rules and the plug-in will do it for you in one click.

    The plug-in remembers all rules and settings between invocations but, for advanced users, "rule sets" can be saved to disk and later recalled or merged. Registered users also have to option to apply rules in batch mode, to all images loaded in the viewer, in a single click.

    More "conditions" and "actions" will be added to the plug-in in the future. The plug-in currently is only in English. A tutorial was added to the help page to explain the basics, check it out!

  • A long standing restriction where the keep/copy folder could not lie below the current image folder in the folder hierarchy has been removed. For example images in "C:\Incoming" and keepers in "C:\Incoming\Keepers" is allowed in v1.1
  • A "Plug-Ins" submenu has been added to the taskbar's context menu, making it easier to discover and invoke plug-ins.
  • The "move file to keep/copy folder" command (Alt+K or Alt+*) is now even quicker.
  • Several small bug fixes and tweaks have been made throughout the product.
The new version is available now from the download page. All current registered users can upgrade their 1.0 copy to v1.1 without additional charges, simply by downloading the new version and installing it over the existing one. Current trial users can also upgrade their installed copy and try out the new features until the end of the trial period.
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