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FastPictureViewer 1.5.180 is available

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:43 am
by Axel
This release marks the introduction of a new IPTC Editor plug-in for FastPictureViewer Professional:

  • New IPTC Editor plug-in with batch editing abilities. Supports about 30 IPTC Core / XPTC4XMP fields, conveniently grouped in 4 panels, covering the essential elements needed to properly document a photo including headline, caption, keywords, location, author, copyright information, rights usage terms and more. The program writes old-style IPTC metadata (App13/8BIM) as well as new-style IPTC4XMP XML-formatted data within standard image formats such as JPEG, TIFF and HD Photo / JPEG-XR. Additionally, the plug-in is able to create/update XMP sidecar files when applying IPTC metadata to read-only proprietary raw files and closely follows the relevant published standards, in particular the Adobe XMP Specification, July 2010, the IPTC Core specification v1.1, the IPTC Core Schema for XMP v1.0 and the IPTC Standard Photo Metadata 2008, for maximum compatibility and interoperability with other IPTC-enabled application such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Nikon Capture NX2 and other professional applications, making FPV Pro the perfect front-end for quick image culling, rating and annotating before further processing using the aforementioned image processing and digital asset management software.
The IPTC Editor plug-in is currently in BETA 1 phase and ready for compatibility and interoperability testing. It is quite useable in its present form but as with all BETA software some precautions are in order, for example you want to test it on small batches of images first, preferably on copies, and carefully check the result with other IPTC-aware applications you are using. We paid enormous attention to details while implementing the IPTC specifications and during internal tests, but the plug-in did not undergo large scale testing yet.

The user-interface exposed by the plug-in is not finalized yet and a number of convenience and productivity functions will be added in subsequent versions, such as multilingual spell checking for all text fields, the ability to save/load metadata presets and a couple of exciting and innovative productivity features not found elsewhere: stay tuned for updates as our aim is to make FastPictureViewer the best photo culling, rating and annotating tool on the market and the new IPTC Plug-in will become a key element bringing FPV closer to that goal!

Also planned for the near-term is a new "Apply IPTC Preset" action leveraging the solid foundation of the existing File Utilities batch processor. The new action will let users conditionally apply partial or full IPTC metadata while importing, exporting or copying/moving files from rule-based batch jobs created with FPV Pro's powerful batch file processor.

FastPictureViewer Professional v1.5 can be downloaded immediately as a free upgrade for registered users.
New FPV Pro single-user and discounted multi-user site licenses can be acquired directly from our online store.

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