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FastPictureViewer is available

PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:49 am
by Axel
Notable new features include:

  • External program launcher - allows to launch an external tool on the current image.
  • Panning enhancements for large images ("infinite scroll" mode)
  • A new file name prefixing mode has been added to the rating system. It is not possible to add a {n} prefix to file names, where n is the assigned rating. For example a file named DSC_0001.jpg will get renamed to {5}DSC_0001.jpg when assigned a rating of 5. This helps cover workflow scenarios where xmp sidecars or embedded metadata cannot be used.
Additionally, the groundwork for localisation is now complete. Expect FPV to be translated to more languages soon.

The new version is available now from the download page.