My thoughts on filters

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My thoughts on filters

Postby graham quick on Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:51 am

Axel has indicated in earlier posts that he has plans to introduce rating filters but has not yet decided what would make a good user experience.

I have taken the liberty of drafting a couple of ideas that I think would work for me, I just hope the attachment shows up. lol

What makes FPV special for me is the clean uncluttered look so I've made suggestions that wont change that.

My preferred workflow would involve logging on to a folder of new images. At this time no filters will be applied, (the software will probably have removed filters when changing source folder but if not clicking on "clear filter" will do so.)and as all images will be unrated all will be available for browsing.

Images would then be browsed and rated according to merit, in my case 4,3,2 or deleted. I reserve 1+5 for special use.

When an image is rated it drops out of view and out of the list of images being browsed (UNLESS the star rating applied to it has been ticked for filtering in.)
After all images have been rated or deleted there will be non left to browse. At this point I would apply filters to show only my best images rated 4 ideally by mouse clicking on 4th star. I could then re-evaluate my first decision and possibly re-rate some to 3. The same could be done for those rated 3. Some might find it easier to review all the better images best+good 3+4 at the same time.

We all make mistakes so in the event of rating an image 4 and then finding the next image is similar but better the undo button could be used. This would strip the last image of its rating and return it for browsing, re-rating or if you're ruthless deletion. ( It might be useful if Axel could program up to say 6 undos)

An alternative method of selection could be accomplished by filtering in your best rated images so only top rated and unrated images will be in your browsing list until all images have been rated or deleted leaving only your best images.

All the above can be done using the controls shown on the top mock up of the xmp box on the attachment.

This works well if you rate or delete ALL images in one session, but many of us work to tight deadlines and might only want to pick out 5 or 6 images very quickly so we need one more button. This button I have marked "rated only" but more accurately means don't show unrated images.

Again for those who might need to quickly select a set number of images a real time counter of the number of images in each rating would be really useful. With the counter incorporated I've replaced the tick with a coloured edge to the selected star or stars.

Those users happy with current situation would just need to tick all stars and carry on as now.

I throw this open to all forum readers for "praise or brickbats" and yes the clear filter is not essential so perhaps should be removed.
mock up of possible xmp box
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