Launching FPV from Downloader Pro's custom button

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Launching FPV from Downloader Pro's custom button

Postby JohnZeman on Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:44 pm

Inspired by kleist's thread where he shared a way to launch a specific external editor from FPV, I thought I'd share my workaround for launching FPV from Downloader Pro's custom button. When I tried to launch FPV the normal way from Downloader Pro, it failed and I always got an error. I don't remember what the error was, I think it had something to do with a DLL, but the important thing was I could not launch FPV from Downloader Pro.

My solution was a little similar to part of kleist's solution for his problem in that I used an old fashioned batch file to do the work. In DLP I set the custom button up to run the following batch file:

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D:\Mine\cmd\Launch FastPictureViewer Pro.cmd

The entire contents of that batch which (does launch FPV) follows:

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@Start /MAX "" "C:\Program Files\FastPictureViewer\FastPictureViewer.exe" -k -i "C:\CR2s\New Images"

-k starts FastPictureViewer Pro in Kiosk mode
-i "C:\CR2s\New Images" tells FastPictureViewer Pro to browse my new images folder

This is the command for the Downloader Pro Custom button
to launch FPV to browse photos in the New Images folder
This script was last modified on August 22, 2010

You may have to modify the full path to the FPV executable in your computer, and you may wish to use different FPV options, but the basic idea should work for most versions of Windows that I'm familiar with.

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Re: Launching FPV from Downloader Pro's custom button

Postby Axel on Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:08 am

Another goot tip!

By the way, there are a number of command-line switches, for example to select a specific language, tell the program to open itself on a given monitor, or select a different monitor color profile.

The available command-line options are summarized in the FAQ.
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