Odd behavior [TwistedBrushPro Studio]

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Odd behavior [TwistedBrushPro Studio]

Postby sandrachung on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:34 pm

When importing a CR2 file taken with either of my Canon 40D, 60D or 550D into TwistedBrush Pro Studio From the FastPictureViewer, the image is imported 2/3s size and mirror imaged as if flipped on the horizontal. But if I import it from 'right click' in Windows Explorer and 'Open With" and select TwistedBrush, it imports just fine.

Has anyone else had quirks like this when importing Camera RAW/CR2 into external Applications?

Yes, I have already reported this to TwistedBrushPro Studio before the first time I posted this here.
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Re: Odd behavior

Postby Axel on Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:04 pm

That sounds like an import bug in "TwistedBrush Pro Studio" (an application we are unfamiliar with).

FastPictureViewer never modifies raw files in any way whatsoever so it cannot possibly change the files to cause the behavior you observed. From your message, we infer that you launch the application you mentioned from FPV's external program launcher? If this is the case, all FPV does is start the designated program with the file name on the command line. All applications we tested so far never had a problem, including Photoshop, CaptureNX and PhotoMe, that we use ourselves everyday, as well as many others. The program launcher feature is quite popular and was added to FPV two years ago.
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