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Agfa DLab1 color profile not supp.(Gen_PrestigeIII_dlab1_V1)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:45 pm
by riekus
For printing pictures on Agfa DLAb machines it is required to do the profile conversion yourselves (I don 't know why Agfa doesn't have proper color management in their DLAbs but ok, that's a fact, it's even written down in their manual).
Whenever I have photo's printed I convert my sRGB's to that Afga profile called "Gen_PrestigeIII_dlab1_V1.icc". When I do this the colors are extremely good, extremely consistent and match my calibrated screen when I properly use Photoshop's color proofing.
I expected FastPictureViewer to show me the DLab converted pictures correctly but unfortunately it doesn't.
Does anyone know how to get these pictures to show right ?

Re: Agfa DLab1 color profile not supp.(Gen_PrestigeIII_dlab1

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:57 pm
by Axel
Thanks for emailing the sample images and color profile. We compared your images side by side in FPV Pro and PS CS5 and we don’t find anything unexpected. The sRGB image is displayed consistently and the converted image’s colors are slightly different under both programs and, and slightly different between programs.

This is fully expected as the converted image is in the printer’s color space and is meant to render (print!) well on that particular device only. Different color engine will give slightly different renditions, in particular the very deep blacks might look different, and the relative colorimetric conversion is not reversible so the converted image will never (ever) look exactly the same as the sRGB original when converted back to sRGB (or to your monitor profile). If you use a reversible conversion (perceptual intent) the image ready for printing will look nearly identical to the sRGB original on-screen but it might print slightly differently.

The key point is you should not expect an image converted in order to print well on a particular device to still look exactly like the original sRGB image on a computer monitor, this will not happen.

Photoshop’s Soft Proofing attempts to simulate the device but ultimately there is no way to accurately simulate subtractive colors (paper print) on an additive system (computer monitor) so slights difference will always be seen.

If you see drastic differences make sure FPV is using your monitor profile (check the program options) and that said profile gives satisfactory results for general viewing, as there may be differences between LUT-based profiles (LUT’s tends to get overridden) and matrix-based ones (preferred), see screen your calibration software’s documentation for details.

Re: Agfa DLab1 color profile not supp.(Gen_PrestigeIII_dlab1

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:04 pm
by Axel
Update: all tests we made were on Windows 7. It is possible that you got different results on XP with that specific color profile. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do except suggest to upgrade your operting system to one with a more modern color management engine (i.e. Vista or later)