Microsoft Camera Codec Pack

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Re: Microsoft Camera Codec Pack

Postby Axel on Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:57 pm

sckpsn wrote:Is there a way to tell which codec package (MS or FPV) is installed?

You can always look at the installed programs in Control Panel, both show up under their respective names.

In any case, make sure only one is installed at any given time. This is also true for any other 3rd-party or 1st-party codec, by the way: don't install two codecs handling the same file format.

sckpsn wrote:Is the MS Camera Codec Pack pushed through Windows Update or does one have to download it manually from MS?

At the moment you must download the MS package. We understand than Photo Gallery users are taken directly to the MS download center to do so, but the instalation is not automatic as we write this.
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