Suggestion: Filter improvements (start per command line...)

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Suggestion: Filter improvements (start per command line...)

Postby favoriteuser on Sun May 06, 2012 3:39 pm

FPV Pro is great! Love it. Some filter improvement suggestions though:

I would love to start FPV with a - per command line - defined filter. This would give us a kind of playlist possibility.
Then we could create shortcuts of FPV that have different filters involved: Click, show 5 stars excluding private, etc.

The filters are great, but I desperately would need a possibility for a little more complex filters. For example: Showing only label 2 and 5.

FPV is so great in speed, that's the main reason why we all love it. Only, when I start a filter (100k+ files), it is first searching ALL pictures to create the filtered list, giving a painful waiting time. Why not start showing (after finding the first 50 pics) while the file list is growing? This is an important one. Right now, with big libraries, the filters are great but nearly unusable.

Finally, a quite unimportant but also nice one: For people using FPV with their HTPC it would be cool to actually save filter settings and recall them with a shortcut. This would give the possibility to use FPV as a great pictureviewer for HTPC's.


FPV Pro, bought it and got happy! ;)
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