Allow user script to choose next randompic & opt.load

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Allow user script to choose next randompic & opt.load

Postby Astara on Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:29 pm

Somewhere along the line, the randomness has crept back to not so random. And rather than get into a you fix it, we wonder if it is broken or really random that way, and finally speaking up... I thought of a 3-4 feature 'feature'.

These are steps toward more functionality, but all are not required to get any benefit from the first step(s)...

1) step -- allow user to specify a program that, minimally, passes you the name of the next file to display. Problem with order solved -- only called when in random mode.

Now this not only gives the user the option to control the random -- but playback as well -- based on date, color, ** rating, folder...etc...anything they want

2nd step) Invoke or call user program and let it pass back
a stream of the bytes -- i.e. that way the user can be responsible for reading in the next file however works best for them.

2a) would be opening a 2-way pipe to the program so it could stay resident along side FPV -- and not suffer startup lag-time. (admittedly, this would be a tricky for most to get right, but it leads into feature 3 ...)

3) have a mode where FPV acts like a Screen-display I/O slave that can be driven by a program. Of course, this mode is standalone --- separate from 1 & 2, so it could be done instead of 1&2 and 1&2 could be derived from it. But the reason for this -- was just thinking about something this morning on a 'whim'...

I have random pics displayed on my screen and wall-mounted monitor -- and I often listen to music... wouldn't it be neat if I had album or artist or show art to go with a song and when a song started, I could have it give a high bias toward selecting images from pictures associated with current songs... Notice I said bias -- since I might not want lock-step playback of the same images each time -- OR I might.... it could be tunable.

Of course, best would be if, in this mode FPV could pass info back to the driver -- like "stop, the user wants to do something else.. (or go back or whatever)....

Anyway... sorta a complex solution, that would offer alot of collateral benefits to a recurring problem....

Oh, and BTW... the randomness thing isn't working so well again... ;-)


and potentially buffer it's randomness ahead
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Re: Allow user script to choose next randompic & opt.load

Postby Axel on Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:48 am

Well... the random slideshow uses a linear congruential random number generator so it is as random as a slideshow will ever get ;) If you use a small set of images, say two, there is no guarantee that each will show in turn (or it would not be random). If you have image A and B, the program can display AABAAAABBBABABABABBBAAABBABABA... or anything else. With large sets, probability theory tells us that every image will get displayed, eventually, since the RNG is supposed to produce uniformly distributed numbers, we just don't know when a particular image will be displayed and it can take a while before they are all displayed at least once.

Back to our subject, you can do about half of what you need simply by using the View Filters feature and filter on XMP Label, Rating, Urgency and even do some pattern matching on the base file names, then the slideshow and random slideshow will pick only from those files that match the filter.
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