Add ability to upload jpegs instead of raw

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Add ability to upload jpegs instead of raw

Postby DiegoV on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:10 am

I like the ability to upload to facebook, but is there a way or perhaps can you give it the abilty to use the jpegs that are already there if you have a choice between the raw and the jpeg the camera put out? For example my Canon 5d mrkII, I have it output both raw and jpegs, and many times I am quite happy with the camera's jpegs rendition.
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Re: Add ability to upload jpegs instead of raw

Postby Axel on Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:23 pm

That's an interesting suggestion and actually this option is already there, by design: if you shoot in JPEG+RAW, and open a folder containing such pairs of files, the program always favor the JPEG for two reasons: first the JPEG has all camera settings applied, like sharpening, contrast, and all the manufacturer's "secret sauce" that gives the "Canon look" to your pictures. The second reason is speed, as unpacking a JPEG is typically quicker than de-mosaicking the corresponding RAW file. Bottom line, when it has a choice, the program favors the JPEG for the above reasons, and will thus publish said JPEG to Facebook, Flickr and everywhere else it can publish.

If there is only a raw file, in your case CR2's, then the program still prefer extracting the embedded preview JPEG and apply some color-correction to it, if the source color-space is not sRGB. The end-result is very similar to a camera-made JPEG. In face, the JPEG preview *was* camera-made, but it's lacking a few things like metadata. FastPictureViewer fixes that by extracting the RAW's metadata, the preview pixels, and creates an output file which combines the two, effectively making it nearly undistinguishable from a real camera-created JPEG (save for some technical things like the makernotes and some obscure hardware-related EXIF information that no longer makes sense).

The best of all this is that you don't have to worry about anything. Just flag the image you want to publish by hitting the P key, then hit Ctrl+P when you are ready to upload them. FPV will do the right thing for you given what's available, including pick a suitable compression ratio to favor upload speed, depending on the destination (it is well known that Facebook re-compresses the files, even over-compresses them, so there is no point to send it too much data in the first place...)

All of this required extensive testing, and you benefit from this work just by clicking the "Publish Now" button 8-)
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