Move files based on XMP rating?

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Re: Move files based on XMP rating?

Postby Talkiet on Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:16 am

Axel wrote:It was so obvious I actually implemented it right away and refreshed the installers. You can now say .\Good as destination folder and the program will create a subfolder within the current image folder. You can also say ..\Good and it will create a sibling folder, etc.

I plan to add a limited set of substitution variables in the future, for example {Rating}, so it will be possible to write a single rule like, for example, "Where the image has an XMP Rating greater than or equal to 3 then copy it to the .\{Rating}-Stars folder", and the program will create .\3-Stars, .\4-Stars and .\5-Stars as needed, but's that's for later.

WONDERFUL! Thanks for this. Great work... I hadn't thought about the subst variables as you have and that would be good as well - but just the relative directories is a great help and gets me all the functionality I need. Thanks again for the fast response.

Cheers - N
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