Reduce the number of icons

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Reduce the number of icons

Postby Fleet Command on Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:47 am

Consider this: If every application installed only four icons in the Start Menu (for example 1. Run application, 2. Read me, 3. Website and 4. Uninstall) and one or two icons on the Desktop, an average users who installs 25 applications on his computer would ended up having 100 icons in the Start Menu, 75% of which were useless to him, and between 25 to 50 icons on his desktop. Now, if every application developer agreed not to put redundant icons on Start Menu or Desktop, all users would have a much uncluttered Start Menu. So, some of my colleagues and I (as well as some people in the Microsoft) are asking software developers (not just you) to remove potentially unused icons.

In case of FastPictureViewer, I suggest that these icons are redundant:
  1. "Fast Picture Viewer Website" and "Codec Pack Website" in Start Menu: No one uses Start Menu to navigate to his favorite website. Please put these links into the application's Menu (or About dialog box). Once we first navigated to your website, we'll bookmark it, if we needed it.
  2. "Codec Pack Configuration Tool" both on Desktop and Start Menu: Users don't configure their Codecs everyday. They do it six or seven in their life. Please remove these icons and instead add an option to launch the configuration tool from application menu.
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Re: Reduce the number of icons

Postby MikMik on Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:10 am

Fully and completely agree!

However, you should not say "No one uses Start Menu to navigate to his favorite website". People do all sorts of strange things :D
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