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Some want to join the function.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:20 am
by hodxer
First of all, please forgive my English is not good.
If difficult to understand, please be informed.
I will try to paraphrase the expression of what I mean.

1. Custom Zoom mode
  a. maintain the current ratio
    Maintain the current rate to browse next images.
  b. specify the rate, length, or width
    Specify the zoom ratio, length or width restrictions to browse the current and next images.
  c. touch Window from inside / outside
    Touch Window from inside / outside to browse the current and next images.

2. Custom mouse button
  a.Button: left click / right click / left-drag / right drag / scroll wheel click / scroll wheel drag / scroll wheel / fourth button / fifth button.
  b.Function: Next / Previous / Zoom / Menu / Scroll / Other features.