Describe any features you would like to see in future versions of FastPictureViewer Professional.


Postby stevenkain on Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:13 am

- a win.explorer type tree menu on the left/right that pops out when mouse over so you can navigate from inside the viewer. Acdsee had this long ago and it was very practical. Instead of a tree menu it could be something like a combination of the ipod coverflow and the vista image browser thumbnails on the bottom. The whole ideea is tho be able to select/jump/navigate between pictures and folders.
- remeber/preserve last window position
- ability of viewing a selected list of images, ex. i select from the explorer 12 images out of the 2000 from a folder, then click open with... FPV, and it navigates ONLY the 12 selected images
- the option for the basic file info to appear overlayed on the image instead of the menu bar (also resolution, img dimension, comments)
- different filters, like select only images that have a preset resolution, or are above a certain dimension, etc.
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