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'Expanded Raw Data' and other suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 11:57 am
by Jetset
Hi. Firstly, I'm a brand new user to FPV after many years of using IrfanView. The reason for my change was that I wanted a more professional program with more specialised RAW viewing capabilities after buying a Canon 5D MKII for an intended new photography business in semi-retirement.

IrfanView is superb, handles RAW images, and does handle auto rotation on Windows7, but FPV is MUCH better although I'm still trying to get acustomed to the different key strokes on the interface.

Anyway, on to the suggestions/bugs:-

1) Hitting 'R' to view the base RAW file instead of the jpeg doesn't seem to update the bit per pixel/total (probably because I'm using your RAW decoder - I've asked in another thread about using the Canon 14 bits/channel one) or any of the other information panes. Am I missing something?

2) The displayed RAW image is very 'flat' compared to the camera adjusted jpeg, probably because I guess you map the complete 14 bits back to 8. A major improvement would be the ability to display a portion and 'slide' that 8/10 bit window along the enhanced 14 bit image data to show what data is actually in the image at the low and high end (sorry if that is unclear, but it is difficult to describe). That would allow users to see the extra bits of data actually present.

3) I had troubles getting the 'Right mouse click plus control plus scroll wheel' to zoom the image. I don't know what I changed to make it work, but it does so now, and also remembers the new zoomed percentage - very useful. Is there a specific setting that enables/disables this option as It might help other users with the same issue? (I'm using full hardware acceleration on an overclocked 4.2GHz I7 with 6GB RAM (which FPV uses!) and GTX460 graphics cards.

4) Can I echo other's requests for a lossless image rotation capability, with the ability to save and modify the metadata to prevent multiple rotation. This isn't an issue with the 5D MKII or my Panasonic FZ50, but is with jpegs from other sources that don't contain 'rotation' info.

Keep up the good work on a GREAT program


Re: 'Expanded Raw Data' and other suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:55 pm
by Axel
Our codecs return 24bpp RGB data. Incidentally, there is nothing consumer-grade on this planet that is able to display anything beyond 24bpp in Windows or on the Mac, as of today.

Differences between camera-made JPEGs and default raw conversion from 3rd-party software are pretty well known and have been covered ad nauseam in every photo forums. FPV Pro is best used with the embedded previews (its default) for speed and rendering quality. In fact your camera stores perfectly fine previews within its raw files, there is really no need to convert the raw data (time consuming and memory hungry) to be able to judge an image's qualities.

If you want to get camera-JPEG-like rendering from your raw files your best option is to use the manufacturer software (Canon DPP in your case, while Nikon shooters are better off with CaptureNX), but this is beyond the scope of quick viewing/rating/culling functions that FPV offers.

The right-click zoom ratio is controlled from the program options. As a shortcut, you can use the mouse wheel the change the ratio directly on an image: while in right-click zoom mode, hold the Ctrl key and scroll the wheel. The right-click setting is indeed remembered just as if it was set from the program options.

Re: 'Expanded Raw Data' and other suggestions

PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:43 am
by Jetset

I was just hoping you'd consider suggestion 2 as it would enable the viewing of a 24bpp (or 30bpp on a 10 bit IPS screen) subset of the RAW image and let you 'slide' along the whole of the stored RAW range (42 bpp in the case of the 5DMKII). It would save having to open each image in Canon DPP to see this extra lowlight and highlight detail when selecting from bracketed shots and thus have everything in one place in FPV.

Just a suggestion.