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Win7 MRU width

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:13 am
by DrTeeth

I am really enjoying getting to grips with FPV as fast as real life will let me. I have found the 64-bit version to be much smoother than the 32 bit so it will hasten my move to 64 bit windows.

My suggestion is to make the Jump up window wider as I cannot see as much of the path to some of my folders as I would like.
sshot-31.png (27.69 KiB) Viewed 10672 times

My typical paths are circled in the screen shot. As I am using the Windows 7 default folders, I would imagine that many users could find this helpful as there is not much room left after 'pictures'...thank goodness for a three-letter user name ;) .



Re: Win7 MRU width

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:04 am
by Axel
This one if for our good friends over at Microsoft. There is nothing an app can do to modify this Windows Shell behavior, unfortunately.

What's surprising is that the "standard" smart shortening of pathnames involves removing characters from the middle of the string, so the beginning and the end can always be seen. This is what FPV Pro does in its taskbar's pathname display. No idea why the MS folks elected to truncate only the end, perhaps they just don't think sometimes.

Re: Win7 MRU width

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:58 pm
by DrTeeth
Thanks Axel.