Migrate setup to another computer

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Migrate setup to another computer

Postby jlindsey on Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:20 pm

There must be a way to somehow migrate all the default parameters, rename setups and batch process scripts from one computer to another. The only hit I could find on the forum with migrate was that the system would automatically migrate from a 32 bit install to a 64 bit program, so I know most of the process is in place to create the needed files. Maybe just a export and import function that would also allow backing up the fastpictureviewer setup. Maybe the files are available and all that is needed it a list of the files needed to support moving the setup from an old laptop to a new desktop.
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Re: Migrate setup to another computer

Postby Axel on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:40 pm

There is no preference's migration tool in FastPictureViewer yet.

If you have built some batch processing rules in the File Utilities plugin, you can export your rules directly from the plugin: this will create a small file that you can copy to your new computer, where you can import the rules back into the plugin in a couple of clicks. Of course you have to check each rule after import, for example they can be set to copy files to, say, a secondary local hard drive that no longer exists on the new computer - or other things like that.

All user settings and preferences are stored in the registry under a single, well-defined per-user key: HKCU\Software\ARSD\FastPictureViewer

I've never tried to export/migrate this registry key to another computer. Most settings should move, though, but some of the data might not make sense on the new machine - for example the recently used folders, any bookmarks that you may have set, or the external program launcher's configuration.

Migrating the registry key will move the renaming templates and most of the application settings, but everything that contains a password or other sensitive data will not be readable on the new computer (like your reverse-geocoder account(s) if you are using this feature in the IPTC Editor, or your SmugMug or other website's authorizations etc, if you are using the Web Publishing function as this data is encrypted).

As the user base continues to grow, the necessity for a proper "settings migration tool" will increase. While admittedly not a priority at this time, such a tool will eventually see the light of day, thanks for remembering me 8-)
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