Random/Shuffle Image Order

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Random/Shuffle Image Order

Postby adamsmith2026 on Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:55 pm


When I rate images, I'd like to view the images in a random order.

I was wondering (unless I didn't notice a feature) if its possible to add a random scrolling feature as opposed just just going through files by name/date order.

I know we have shift-A but that's a slideshow feature and very impractical for controlled random image scrolling.

Ideally, but impractically, you'd be able to randomly go through each image once so you'd end up viewing all files. Ideally, you also be able to go backwards in the reverse random order. However, I imagine that dealing with all the file path data could be too much.

A more basic and practical solution would be just to store the location of the previous few images seen (let's say 10 for example). That way, if you were scrolling fast through images, you could move back to an image that caught your eye.

Hope my idea makes sense to impliment :D

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Re: Random/Shuffle Image Order

Postby Axel on Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:57 pm

This sounds like an interesting feature but it would indeed be more like a "shuffled mode" than a "random mode", as the images needs to be displayed exactly once per full cycle: in random ordering you cannot really predict how many times a given image will be displayed before all of them got displayed, or how long it will take until all the images have been displayed at least once - probabilists will say that you can, but you are not going to like the answer to those questions ;)

The underlying "problem" in FastPictureViewer is that the program goes to great lengths to speculate about your next move (most likely, move forward to the next image or, less likely, move backwards to the previous image) and it uses the time it takes you to evaluate the current image to pre-load the next one(s) in the background. All this works fine but needs careful attention if the next image is not the next in line, as it would be in shuffling mode.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. As always I'll think about it and see if something is reasonably doable.
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