Hang with CNX2 edited nef

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Hang with CNX2 edited nef

Postby wrr on Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:21 pm

The 1.1 64 bit version build 134 and 135 cause a problem for me when trying to display a NEF file that was edited in Nikon Capture 2.24. FPV will become unresponsive and display a "loading" indication in the lower right of the FPV screen. After some time an image of question marks is displayed for this image. So far I have discovered two edited images that cause this problem and both of them were cropped in Capture NX2. Another image edited in NX2 that was not cropped displays correctly. This is on a Win 7 64 bit system. If I uninstall FPV build 135 on this system and re-install build 132 that I had archived, these images display properly. I do not have build 133 available. Re-installing build 135 over the 132 version will bring back the problem.

If I look at these same images with my Vista 32 bit system running build 134 or 135, the images display correctly.

Both systems are set to display the jpeg preview.

Any suggestions?

I posted a similar message to this earlier today, but it seems to not be in the forum any longer, so I am posting again.
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Re: Hang with CNX2 edited nef

Postby Axel on Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:12 pm

>Any suggestions?

Contact support (the address in in the About box), supply full system details, and one or more images exhibiting the problem? The forum is not the right place for that.

If the crop (and thus the JPEG preview) is too small (with pixel dimensions smaller than the display monitor) the program will ignore it and switch to full raw conversion to get a larger image (and thus should display the full image).

EDIT: I've found something in some post-NX NEFs that cause the x64 NEF codec to crash while parsing the updated MakerNote metadata. There is no workaround at this time, besides using the 32-bit version of the viewer. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.
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