View pictures from file list

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View pictures from file list

Postby paul_m on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:15 pm

I want to see pictures from a file-list this can be any format.

I have tried it in a .bat file

"C:\Program Files\FastPictureViewer\FastPictureViewer.exe

But this does not work.

Is this possible or who has a suggestion ??
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Re: View pictures from file list

Postby Axel on Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:48 pm

This is not directly possible, but if all the files are on the same NTFS volume, and you are creating the list programmatically, then you can create a temporary folder with hard links to the original files and view that folder. This has been done with great success before by someone writing an image catalog software, and wanting to display the result of a query. See the following topic for the original discussion: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=519
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