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Re: Thumbnails

Postby topbanana on Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:19 am

Axel wrote:It seems that you refer to a version of Windows that was released nearly 10 years ago and that was superceeded twice. 100'000 thumbnails in a database is nothing.

You're right! Just installed W7 and indeed, it has the central thumbs db.

Bugger :-(

OK, so the reason i disliked the central thumbs db, was when using ACDSee, with the thumbs cache turned on... It would get slower and slower at starting as the db grew, but after disabling, it would then return to it's normal snappy start-up.
This is what i'm hoping doesn't happen.

Plus there are lots of security implications of having the central db...
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Re: Thumbnails

Postby topbanana on Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:15 am

Hi Axel again,

I was just wondering if you've got any new plans for a thumbnail view? Or, perhaps we could call it Contact Sheet view? Sounds more professional ;-)

You only have to look at this google images search to realise how normal contact sheet views are to photographers...

I'm still stuck using ACDSee Classic, tho i give FPV a spin every now and again as i do love the speed. But i can't get away from the thumbnail view. I seem to put up with the speed at which it reads all the thumbnails initially...
I've also had a little play with iPhoto, which has made me very envious of it's endless scrolling of the thumbnails (Not much else tho!).

My usage requires that i switch between scrolling thru the thumbnails to viewing and flicking thru full-screen images quickly (which FPV is perfect for). I need and like to see BOTH. And i'm not alone as this thread shows.

I'd love to see a full screen black backgrounded contact sheet view. Perhaps with iso, etc popping up when hovering over images... Double click on image and it switches to the full screen viewer... double click again, switches back.... simple...

Oh and Explorer looks crap. Plus i don't use it, i use Explorer++, which behaves/looks how it should.

To me, it looks like you've pretty much finished creating the perfect image viewer... So could the next step be the Contact Sheet view? Pretty please?

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