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FastPictureViewer is available

Postby Axel on Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:33 pm

Notable new features and fixes include:

  • Pro version: The program now falls back to full raw decoding when the embedded JPEG preview is smaller than the monitor. This can happen with certain cameras (compacts or older/entry-level DSLRs). Previously the program used an arbitrary threshold to decide to use the embedded JPEG or not, now the decision is taken dynamically depending on the available preview size in the images at hand and the current display resolution.

    A registry value has been added which allows to override the new behavior and force a specific threshold if desired: PreviewThreshold (REG_DWORD), which can be set to -1 (or ffffffff) to let the program decide automatically (which is the default), 0 to never convert the raw data no matter how small the preview is, or any positive value to tell the program to use the preview if it's smallest dimension is equal or greater than the value set.

    For example by setting this value to 1024 the program will use the JPEG preview only if its size is equal or larger than 1024 x something. To force the program to always convert the raw data, set the threshold to a large number, like 1 million.

    The EXIF info window will now display "RAW" next to the pixel dimensions of the image if a full conversion was asked to the codec (which may or may not honor it, depending on its own configuration and the image itself, for example the Nikon NEF codec (not ours, but the one supplied by Nikon) always use the preview JPEG if the image was edited with Capture NX and edit steps were added.

    Note that raw conversion is slow (5-20x slower than JPEG preview extraction) and that the color rendition and white-balance depends greatly of the codec used to convert the image. Moreover, in-camera settings such as sharpening and noise reduction will be ignored.

    Finally, remember that the preview size was picked by your camera manufacturer as representative of the full image produced by the given camera model. In our opinion there is nothing that can be seen on the full image that can not already be seen on the preview. FPV Pro can perform a full raw conversion on an image-by-image basis by pressing the 'R' key.

    The small zip file attached to this post contains pre-made .reg files that can be used to easily set the values corresponding to Auto, Never and Always convert raw data.

    EDIT: Note that you also need to uncheck the "force preview" option in the Codec Pack Control Panel applet that you can find in your Start Menu for the relevant file formats: the program will see the small preview and decide to switch to full raw conversion at the chosen threshold.
The most current FPV Pro version is available from the download page.
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