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The purpose of this page is to highlight FastPictureViewer Professional's major features and benefits, from an photography enthusiast point of view.
Modern "prosumer" cameras and the newest point & shoot compact cameras have resolutions rivaling those of professional DSLR's. The obvious benefits of increased resolution is more freedom for cropping and printing in large size, but the unwelcome consequence is that images are becoming heavier and heavier with each new generation of cameras. Not only the required storage space grows rapidly, but the images are becoming so big that most image viewers and picture organizers quickly becomes overloaded.

FastPictureViewer Professional, or FPV Pro for short, is not a picture organizer nor a picture editor, is has no editing functions at all and it does not create indexes or 'thumbnails' of all your images. The program was initially created to help pro photographers getting back from assignment with hundreds - if not thousands - of new pictures. The idea behind the program is to provide a quick mean to review many images, and to help the photographer decide which ones are worth keeping for further processing and which are not.

Simplicity is a feature...

It today's world of increased complexity, the FastPictureViewer team took a refreshing approach when designing the product: less is more. The result is the simplest, most un-cluttered user interface of any program in its class. The program excels at it's primary function - speedy image viewing - but does not even attempt to go beyond the basics: editing, cataloguing, indexing are already pretty well covered by existing products that FPV Pro does not intend to replace, it's aim is to complement them instead.

Speed is everything...

We engineered FastPictureViewer Professional for maximum speed from the word go. We taught it how to take best advantage of modern PC's and powerful graphic accelerators with one primary goal in mind: help people save time. If you think about it, time is our only non-renewable asset, we should spend it wisely and waiting in front of a computer is not exactly our vision of time well spent!

FastPictureViewer as a complement of...

FPV Pro can be used advantageously by anyone having to deal with large quantities of images. You could for example use the program to select the best 50 images out of the 1000 you took during your last trip or vacation. FPV Pro helps you perform this task quickly and efficiently. The selection that you've made can later be uploaded to a photo-sharing web site, or turned into a real photo book using online photo printing services.

We know that the major chore precluding those activities is image selection, it is just too painful to pick pictures in a thumbnail viewer or a slow full-screen image selector, everyone gets bored after 5 minutes. With FastPictureViewer Professional you can quickly and easily review each image in full screen, and pick the best ones at the press of a key for publishing, printing, or editing with your favorite tools and utilities.

FPV Pro can be used as a front-end for many image-related applications. We guarantee that you will save a lot of time, as much as 2/3, the next time you need to review many pictures and sort the good ones from the rest.

FastPictureViewer Professional's Simple Workflow

Starting from version the program works fine in "Large Fonts" mode, the entire user-interface scales smoothly to adapt to the 120 DPI font, including the histogram and EXIF info windows.

In the future, FastPictureViewer Professional will provide tighter integration with some of the most popular photo sharing websites and online print services, letting you prepare your uploads and print orders directly from within the program, or act as a front-end to those services.

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