Taxonomies, Controlled Vocabularies, Structured Keyword Collections

FastPictureViewer Professional features a state-of-the-art IPTC metadata editor with assisted "suggest-as-you-type" keyword entry. Users can add pre-built keyword lists to FPV Pro and the program will search amongst keywords, categories and synonyms to make the most pertinent suggestions. Keyword lists are also known as taxonomies, controlled vocabularies or structured keyword collections.

FastPictureViewer can read keyword lists made in the same format as the one defined by Adobe Lightroom. These lists follows simple conventions and can be built by end-users using almost any text editor, for example Windows Notepad.

There are several pre-built taxonomies compatible with FastPictureViewer Pro readily available from various sources. Some are professionally made commercial products and can be acquired from their respective publishers while others are offered as donationware or freeware.

The list shown below is by no means exhaustive, please let us know if you publish your own keyword collection and would like us to add it to this page.

Prices and license terms are only indicative and can change without notice, please see the respective publisher's websites for accurate information regarding content, pricing and licensing of the collections described below.

Entries in bold are professionally crafted and maintained commercial keyword hierarchies suitable for commercial use (please see the license terms of the respective authors).

Note that "more" is not necessarily "better", compare the offerings and see what suits you best. In any case, FastPictureViewer Pro can use several collections simultaneously, so it's not a problem to use all those collections together: it just expands the number of suggestions that the program will make while typing.

Product Name Publisher Description & licensing
Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Collection (CVKC) David Riecks
The CVKC is a popular and professionally made general-purpose taxonomy containing more than 11,000 keywords organized in 30 top-level categories and various sub-categories. License: Commercial. Cost: USD 69.99
Keyword Catalog Catalyst Software
The Keyword Catalog contains approximately 28,000 keywords. The hierarchy covers a broad sweep of subjects, ranging from homo sapiens, flora, fauna, to terra firma, divided into 39 categories. License: Commercial. Cost: GBP 69.99 for personal use, or GBP 124.99 for commercial use.
D-65 Keyword List D-65, LLC
D-65's keyword list contains over 5500 keywords in a hierarchical order to allow you to easily keyword your images in FastPictureViewer Professional and Adobe Lightroom. Cost: USD 99.95
Product Name Publisher Description & licensing
Lightroom Keywords Nick Potter Photography
Seven collections covering Geography, Animals, Colors, Natural Landforms, Bodies of Water, Buildings and Weather. License: Non commercial use. Cost: Donationware ($1 or more expected by author)
Thésaurus Lightroom spécial Paris Marie & Julien
8300 keywords about Paris, France (streets, museums, transportation and various other points of interest). License: Personal, non commercial use. Cost: Freeware
Thésaurus France, régions, départements Nikon Passion
French regions and departments. License: Non commercial use. Cost: Freeware
Thesaurus Belgique, Suisse et Italie Nikon Passion
Regions of Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. License: Non commercial use. Cost: Freeware
Nature, Animals (various collections) Aube Nature
Mammals, birds, insects and trees. License: Contact author. Cost: Freeware
FastPictureViewer Professional can use several keyword lists at the same time, users are not limited to only one list at a time. The program can index several thousand keywords and provides instant search-as-you-type functionality, for the most seamless keyword entry in the industry, so it would not be a problem to add all of the above collections at the same time!

IPTC Editor Hierarchical Keywords Setup

Below is a short movie showing our IPTC editor in action with the CVKC installed (11,900+ ready to use keywords).
This is, quite simply, what we believe to be the fastest and most convenient assisted IPTC keyword entry in the industry!

Search-as-you-type assisted IPTC keyword entry
Making your own keyword collection?
If you plan to create your own keyword collection - it's not that difficult but requires some careful planning - you may want to check out the following articles first: What Is A Controlled Vocabulary? and Creating a Controlled Vocabulary (both from

Plenty of information can also be found in the Resources section of David Riecks' Controlled Vocabulary website, while a description of the keyword catalog text file format understood by FPV Pro can be found on our help page.