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"We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto"

We support the Embedded Metadata Manifesto

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FastPictureViewer Professional + Codec Pack Bundle from $54.99 now only $49.99:

FastPictureViewer Pro + Codec Pack
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FastPictureViewer Professional Benefits:

  • Speed - Get your photo reviews done faster: 4,000 images per hour is realistic, with zero upfront time!
  • Speed - Evaluate composition, sharpness, exposure with all the necessary tools, all working instantly!
  • Speed - Rate, label, copy, backup, rename, dispatch, downsize and export your files at warp speed!
  • Speed - Upload to Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, 500px, PhotoShelter faster and more efficiently!
  • Speed - Tether your Nikon (or other PTP-enabled) camera and see/rate full-size previews as you shoot!
FastPictureViewer Professional is all about speed, to make your image review jobs easier and shorter, and to free up your most valuable asset, time, for more important things.

No snake oil: sound engineering, an acute sense of detail and aesthetics, and a passion for photography gave this product its true values: it is made for photographers, dependable, and faster than everything else by a long shot.

This rock-solid product pays for itself in ONE review session, give it a try! Any questions? We are here to help!

FastPictureViewer Professional Feature Highlights:

  • IPTC Editor with batch abilities. Writes headline, caption, keywords, location and other essential IPTC fields.
  • Plugin-based Web Publishing: upload to FB, Flickr, SmugMug, Zenfolio, PhotoShelter, 500px, or local disk.
  • Real-time zoom window with RGB eyedropper (point, 3x3, highlights, shadows, partial histogram).
  • Full-screen GPU-accelerated Lost Shadows / Lost Highlights indicator.
  • EXIF Statistics plug-in, display info charts about shutter speed, ISO, f-stop aperture, focal length and more.
  • Support for Controlled Vocabularies keyword entry (pre-defined keyword collections) in the IPTC Editor.
  • Support for Reverse Geocoding (street address from GPS position) to fill IPTC Location in one click.
  • GeoClustering Utility plugin (groups images together into folders, from GPS position or Date/Time).
  • Native 64-bit support, multi-core and DirectX enabled for fastest performance on modern computers.
  • Industry-standard XMP Rating system (XMP rating, XMP label, Photoshop urgency, XMP sidecars).
  • XMP Labels translation tables for easier inter-operability with other XMP-enabled applications.
  • Single key GPU-accelerated black & white preview, to instantly preview color images in B&W.
  • Full-screen, uncluttered display mode available with instant zoom and pan. Many keyboard shortcuts.
  • Powerful and flexible rule-based batch file processing plug-in: create batch jobs to automate your work.
  • Copy, move, delete, rename, upload files in batch according to EXIF, XMP, GPS, camera serial number etc.
  • Secure batch file copy, with bit-by-bit 100% copy integrity comparison and full error log.
  • Seamless Head Up Displays of EXIF data, RGB Histogram, XMP Rating, GPS Coordinates, External Editors
  • Single key reject (X) and batch delete (Ctrl+X) function.
  • Single key Keep / Copy function (copy or move files in background to a preset folder).
  • Support for 22 RAW formats (460+ cameras models), color-managed previews.
  • Raw codecs enable thumbnail support in Windows Explorer (add Codec Pack for PSD support and more).
  • Support for .WAV audio annotations (play/copy/move/rename along with the associated image).
  • Multi-processor enabled JPEG previews unpacking, providing unrivalled raw previewing performance.
  • Support for alternate high precision color management system on Windows 7 and Vista.
  • Multi-cameras tethered shooting over USB2 with MTP/PTP compatible cameras, with optional auto-prefixing.
  • Support for additional formats such as TIFF, MTIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF (and PSD, DjVu, EXR... through add-ons).
  • Persistent "Quick Bookmarks", to mark interesting/special images and quickly return back to them.
  • Scalable "External Bookmarks", auto-named, automatically saved and working across viewing sessions.
  • Free updates, including all bug fixes, enhancements and new features in all future 1.x versions and v2.0
  • Discount on future major upgrades.
  • Licensed per user. Users can install the product on up to three of their computers (e.g. desktops + laptop).
  • Priority technical support by email (support {at} fastpictureviewer {dot} com).
We socialise: http://www.facebook.com/fpvpro, meet us there!
Microsoft Registered Partner Axel Rietschin Software Developments, creator and publisher of FastPictureViewer Professional and the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack, is a Microsoft Registered Partner.
Compatible with Windows 7 Logo
Compatible with Windows 8 Logo
Compatible with Windows 8 Logo
FastPictureViewer is fully compatible with Windows 8.x Desktop

FastPictureViewer Professional is listed as Compatible with Windows 8.1 in the Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center. Our testing also reveals that FPV Pro works on Windows 8.x Desktop, Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 as well as all editions of Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3.

Processor requirements:

IA-32 (x86)Pentium 4, Xeon, Centrino or later, with SSE2 extensions.
Intel 64 (EM64T)Prescott micro architecture or later, with SSE3 extensions.

FastPictureViewer Professional is optimized for the latest microprocessors (such as for example the Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Intel Xeon E series) and automatically takes advantage of multiple processors, multiple processor cores and Intel Hyper-Threading technology, where available, for better performance on modern computers.

The program should work fine on compatible non-Intel processors, provided that they support the minimum requirements outlined above. Check our free trial download!

What our users are saying?

"I love FastPictureViewer. I'm a professional photographer, and I shoot only in RAW format. I'll sometimes shoot a thousand or more images during a session, and using FPV Pro saves me hours of time going through my photos. Great product!"
   -- Chuck Lantz, San Francisco, USA (Zenfolio galleries)

"This could be the most useful tool in my image workflow. [...] The sharpness check is the best on the market, FPV's speed makes it also the best tool to assess overall image quality" -- FPV forum

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Better together:

Get FastPictureViewer Pro + Codec Pack as a bundle: get and extra discount and enables 10+ extra image formats including Photoshop PSD, HDR formats such as OpenEXR or Radiance HDR, several CG formats (DDS, TGA, IFF, PIC, VTF...) plus thumbnails for Adobe INDD, AI, and most EPS files.

FastPictureViewer Bundle, from $54.99 now $49.99
FastPictureViewer Pro + Codec Pack
License key provided automatically by email after purchase.
FastPictureViewer Pro, from $49.99 now $44.99
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License key provided automatically by email after purchase.
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Additional Image Formats

Support for Photoshop PSD files, OpenEXR, Radiance HDR, DirectX DDS, PNM, TGA, PIC, SGI, VTF, JPS, MPO, JPEG 2000 (baseline) and more, as well as Adobe Lightroom's .lrprev/.noindex image formats and INDD, AI and EPS thumbnails, is provided by the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack add-in.

Please see our FAQ to learn how both products complement each other nicely.
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