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Much to our surprise, we found that FastPictureViewer Professional was used in areas we never thought about, thanks to its unmatched speed, accurate color rendition and overall efficiency.
The purpose of this page is to highlight FastPictureViewer Professional's major features and benefits, from an imaging professional point of view, and to expand a little on their use and unique abilities.
FastPictureViewer Professional, or FPV Pro for short, does not create previews or 'thumbnails' of all your images, hogging your computer for hours doing so, instead you just point FPV Pro at the folder containing the pictures and the program will show your images nearly instantly: you can start working within seconds.

Unmatched Speed...

FastPictureViewer Professional makes the best of your computer. It knows about multi-processing and multiple CPU cores, 32 and 64-bit architectures, advanced memory management and hardware-accelerated display adapters. The program leverages several decades of experience in writing high performance computer applications and was developed as a tight, native application, making use of CPU-specific instruction code throughout the most performance-critical path. The result is a small program that will, quite simply, blow you away.

Browse 100,000's...

There is no artificial limits on the number of images the program can handle. We routinely test it on a 200,000 images set with no significant impact on performances. The Quick Navigation slider let you jump anywhere in the image list in an instant, and the Quick Bookmarks are just as instantaneous as they are with 20,000 or 2,000 images.

Customers use FPV Pro to breeze through huge amounts of digital images, in various scenarios including...
  • Selecting images in the media industry
  • Reviewing computer generated images in the film and animation industry
  • Exploring image server farms in internet photo-sharing back-ends
  • Inspecting tens of thousands of multi-page files in the document imaging field
  • Crawling through hundreds of thousands of snapshots in consumer behavior studies
FastPictureViewer Professional quickly established itself as the only image viewer with the speed, capacity and rock-solid reliability required to fulfill those tasks. FPV Pro is also compatible with Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition and all 64-bit editions of Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7, in addition to classic 32-bit versions. Integration tests were conducted at various customer's sites, including compatibility with Citrix Systems' remote computing environments, so be confident that FPV Pro will work seamlessly in your environment, today and tomorrow.

Large Images Support...

FPV Pro in only limited by the capacity of your hardware, but sometimes images are so huge that even the most powerful PCs struggle to open and display them. FPV Pro introduce an innovative technique that let you control the maximum amount or memory to be allocated to any image. When an image is so big that it would exceed this preset limit, the program automatically scales it down to make it fit within the allowed constraints. As a result, FastPictureViewer Professional is able op open very large images, like for example 466 megapixels, 21,600 x 21,600 Hubble Space Telescope images.

Saved Bookmarks...

FastPictureViewer let you set up to 10 different bookmarks, accessible through the keyboard or a popup menu, to flag certain images among those currently viewer. A single keystroke (or popup menu option) let you to jump back quickly to any previously set bookmark. This function is invaluable when dealing with large number of images, for example to mark the beginning or an interesting sequence, or the last image viewed in a given session. Bookmarks are automatically saved across viewing sessions, to you will find them the next time you browse the image folder. The bookmarks are also folder-specific, you'll get 10 bookmarks for, say, C:\Pictures and another, different set of 10 bookmarks for, say, D:\Archives and so on.

Multipage MTIFF Support...

FPV Pro supports multipage documents in TIFF (MTIFF), DjVu and GIF formats. The program let you flow seamlessly across documents and their contained pages, you just scroll into and between document in one continuous sequence. FastPictureViewer Professional also let you bookmark individual pages within documents, while the Quick Navigation slider let you jump to any page in any document seamlessly.

Custom Monitor Profiles...

Accuracy of color rendition is paramount for many imaging applications. FastPictureViewer Professional features full color management and understands color profiles embedded within supported image file formats. Moreover, the program supports custom-profiled monitors and will perform a one-step conversion from the source profile (image) to the target profile (monitor). The program already uses a wide internal pixel pipeline and will be able to adapt to up-coming High Dynamic Range (HDR) image formats and display monitors of the future. From version, the program also supports High-DPI display modes, the entire user-interface scales smoothly to adapt the larger base font.

One Key Accept/Reject/Copy...

The built-in rating and copy/move mechanism originally designed for photo culling can be used as an extremely efficient Accept/Reject or Copy/Leave mechanism. For example the XMP rating could be used to tag "Accepted", "Maybe" and "Rejected" pictures with a single key press, for example 5 meaning "Accepted", 3 meaning "Maybe" and 1 (or no rating at all), meaning "Rejected". The rating is made using industry-standard Adobe XMP metadata conventions and can later be read and interpreted by many digital asset management software suites, including those from Adobe and other professional software vendors.

Another scheme could be based on file copy/move functions, where the files to be kept are copied in a pre-designed folder at the press of a key. The workflow would then go on from the subset that was copied in the folder.

Deep Subfolder Browsing and Watching / Monitoring...

By default FastPictureViewer Professional crawls the image folder it's pointed at and all the nested subfolders. All files are kept in perfect order according to the sort mode currently in effect, either alphabetically by folder and file name, or by creation/modification date. For photos documents, sort modes based on EXIF "Date Taken" and GPS time stamps are also available. The Quick Navigation slider and numerous navigation keystrokes makes it easy to navigate around the image list in the chosen order. FPV Pro makes it easy to browse entire drives, DVDs or network shares: just point it at the root folder from where you want to start, and let it crawl the entire subfolder tree, grabbing all recognized images along the way. Any image added anywhere in the folder tree will be caught automatically and added to the internal image list, ready for viewing.

Native 64-bit support...

"FastPictureViewer works with the latest 64-bit operating systems and multi-core microprocessors."
High-resolution imaging raise the bar in terms of computing power as well as memory space for viewing and processing. FastPictureViewer 64-bit edition takes advantage of the large memory space and increased computing power of 64-bit operating systems and microprocessors to  help imaging professionals open and view large images at maximum possible speed, by tapping into the full power of today's 64-bit processors and operating systems. We provide our own 32/64-bit FastPictureViewer Codec Pack which adds full platform support to Windows 32 and 64-bit for more than 320 digital cameras and some specialized image formats.

Specialist's file formats support... 48-bit, 64-bit, 128-bit / pixel...

Specialists image formats such as Truvision Targa (TGA) and Industrial Light & Magic OpenEXR, a 64 bit/pixel floating point format (with 128 bit/pixel variants) popular in the Computer Graphics industry, are well understood by FastPictureViewer Professional (those codecs are part of the separate FastPictureViewer Codec Pack product). The TIFF format, including 48 bit/pixel and CMYK variants, is well supported too. Of course the bit depth has to be reduced to match today's displays, but with the advent of 30-bit-color desktop monitors and graphic cards, with Windows 7 and beyond, be assured that FastPictureViewer Professional will be ready when the hardware is available!

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